• A friend of mine turned me onto a way to make rice that is fantastic and fluffy. Thank you Steve (and he writes great songs too!). I tried it with jasmine rice and then brown rice. I have used a Black & Decker electric rice steamer for the last few years. That has saved me from ruining pans like I used to before using the steamer! But doing it this new way is much better. We will be eating a lot more rice. It is gluten-free and adapts to many different types of cooking.
    1. Rinse the rice until the water runs clear.
    2. Heat a Dutch oven or deep casserole type dish (something that can go in the oven) over high heat. Add some olive oil. I didn’t measure but I would guess 1 – 2 tablespoons of oil.
    3. When the oil is hot, add 1 cup of rice. Stir occasionally, allowing it to brown.
    4. When the rice is browned, add 1 teaspoon of minced fresh garlic. When you begin to smell the garlic cooking, add 2 cups water (or stock), 2 tablespoons butter, salt & pepper to taste. Bring to a boil, then remove from the heat. Cover and put the pan in the oven.
    5. The jasmine rice was done in about 20 minutes. The brown rice took about an hour. About halfway through the brown rice, I added about 1/2 cup more of water. Next time I will start with more water right from the beginning of the cooking.

    When I made the jasmine rice, we had it with chicken in a red curry sauce. When I made the brown rice, we had it as a cold salad with chopped carrots, green beans, halved cherry tomatoes (got them at Whole Foods….what a pleasure to eat cherry tomatoes that taste like cherry tomatoes, in the middle of winter), basil, parsley, S&P, and a vinagrette made with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, maple vinegar, and sugar. it was yum.

    I’m doing a lot more cooking, way more than I’ve done in the past. I love it! I love being in the kitchen. I love the tastes, the colors, the textures. I love perusing my cookbooks, adapting recipes where needed to make them gluten-free. The challenging thing is that I really have to make a concerted effort to think about what the next meal will consist of. Especially if I’m going to be out of the house doing errands etc. I prefer to plan ahead and be prepared. I know I’ll make wiser choices that way.

    Speaking of wiser choices, time for bed!

    Best, Ellen

    • Anonymous

      As a hypoglycemic on a GF diet, I completely understand your feelings about needing to always know about the next meal. I suggest buying Larabars to keep in your purse – they are raw food bars with nuts, fruit, and spices/natural flavors. My favorite is Apple Pie – I eat one every weekday as a snack during my afternoon classes to stave off hunger until I can get home to eat some home-cooked foods.

    • Anonymous

      At what temperature do you cook the rice in the oven?

    • reginae

      Anonymous, I generally set the oven to 375.

    • Trisha

      I do my every-day rice the America's Test Kitchen way: don't rinse the rice, saute 1/2 cup of rice in a tablespoon of butter (or whatever fat you'd use in your rice), add salt and 1 cup of boiling water LESS 1/8th (or just slightly less than twice the amount of rice) and cover tightly. Some white rice takes 25 minutes, some less – go by the package directions. I have never had this method fail.

      My husband doesn't care for rice, unless add sauteed mushrooms and green onions and use garlic salt. Good food – and even better with brown rice.

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