• After I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease (blood test November ’05, endoscopy January ’06), these are the cookies that put me back in the driver’s seat. I had tasted a number of cookies that I found completely unacceptable and had me depressed for days. But not these cookies. These are Pamela’s Organic Dark Dark Chocolate Chunk cookies and they gave me hope, honestly. Their ultra-chocolatiness makes up for the fact that they are not as crisp as the cookies that I ate in the heyday of my gluten life. I first found them at a Whole Foods in Georgetown, DC back in December ’05. When I returned home to Massachusetts, I couldn’t find them anywhere. And I tried every Whole Foods within an hour of our home. Yes, I love chocolate. I considered ordering a carton or two of them from Pamela’s, but then finally found them on the shelf of our local health food store. I bought all five boxes and have slowly been eating them, one or two every day (cookies, not boxes!). I’m down to two boxes and am beginning to have palpitations, thinking that I’ll finish the last box and not have anymore to eat! Tomorrow, I think I’ll go back to the store where I found them and see if they have any more. These cookies are extra chocolatey with chocolate chunks in each cookie. I take small, delicate bites, making each cookie last for as long as possible. I am in heaven when I eat them.

    I want to try making Nirvana Bars, a recipe that I found at the Glutenfree Goddess’ blog. They remind me of a bar cookie recipe I used to make about 20 years ago……I think they were called 7 layer bars. If you click on the Nirvana Bars link, you will see that they look delicious! Thank you to Karina Allrich for coming up with and posting the recipe!
    • karina

      Hi Ellen! Thanks for the shout out!

      Your photograph of the chocolate cookies is great. :-)

    • Torrey :)

      That is too funny–those cookies from Pamela’s are my new favorite, too!

      And I thought exactly the same thing about the Nirvana Bars–definitely remind me of the (non-GF) 7-layer bars I had as a kid!

    • Anonymous

      K-too’s by Kinnicknick are a pretty good oreo substitute (except they crumble much more quickly in milk). I also like the WF GF Bakehouse Ginger Molasses cookies (but only if they haven’t been frozen first).

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