• Several weeks ago, I posted a question to the Celiac listserv of which I am a member. I was promptly answered by someone from the University of Chicago Celiac Center. This person said to call them with any questions I had. And so I did. I spoke with someone at their center for about a half hour. They most patiently answered all of my questions. And they told me that when I received the results of my endoscopy, to let them know, and they would mail me a new Celiac gift basket. Well, fast forward. I emailed them with my endoscopy results, telling them that they were positive (I knew they would be!). And they sent me the most generous gift basket that included glutenfree food products, a ceramic mug, and a cookbook. I was really overwhelmed by the unspoken and unconditional support I felt. What a great boost for me! Thank you to all the guardian angels who make being a Celiac easier than it otherwise might be. Including my sister, Faye, who has been my Celiac fountain of information (she was diagnosed five years ago) and has been also very patient with me!

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