• While I still don’t have a camera (delivery expected early next week), I must write about the unbelievable brownies I ordered from Sugar Kisses, a bakery in Royal Oak, Michigan. Honestly, you’d never know they were gluten-free if I didn’t tell you. They are cakey on the top and bottom, and fudgy in the middle, and decadently deliciously wonderful! I wish I knew how to create these little gems at home, but alas, until I figure out the recipe, I will need to order them to have on hand constantly. They are fabulous! I also ordered GF hamentashen and rice bread. Haven’t tasted the hummies yet, but the rice bread is acceptable. Actually has the texture (well, ok, almost) of regular bread. But still, I don’t know why, but after you take a bite of most GF breads and begin chewing the bite, it gets a bit wet tasting. I can’t quite explain it, but it’s not terribly pleasant, I will admit. Oh well. But the brownies, to write home about.

    That’s all for now. Waiting (sigh) for new camera. Off to take walk on this beautiful almost spring day.
    • Anonymous

      You should try the brownies that Katrina makes at gluten free goddess website. They honestly are too die for!

    • reginae

      mmmm, yum, must be the day for chocolate goodies. i just was in the kitchen mixing together some chocolate cake — and gazing out the window, hoping for spring to hurry up!

    • Ellen

      Anonymous…So far, every recipe that I’ve tried from Katrina’s gluten free goddess blog is fantastic!

      Reginae….your chocolate cake sounds divine. I must try it…thanks to both of you for dropping by!

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