• Even though it’s not really food related, I’m sure I can find a way to make it related to Celiac Disease! You see, Random House has just agreed to publish a novel written by Jon Clinch, the husband of one of my best friends from high school, Wendy Clinch. This past Saturday evening, we celebrated with them at Finn Fest, a large gathering of their wonderful friends who came together to revel in Jon and Wendy’s good fortune. The book is called Finn and is reputed to be a runaway bestseller in the spring of ’07. Watch for it, you are sure to see it in bookstores throughout the country (and probably abroad as well). Let me suggest that you take a few minutes and read Jon’s blog. The experience he had in getting a major publisher to publish his novel is the story of one of us. A regular Joe. You and me. He persevered, he persisted, he stayed true to his mission, and he succeeded. We are very proud of Jon and Wendy (she was just as instrumental in this story) and wish them the very best.

    Why is this Celiac related? Well, those of you who are Celiac know how difficult it is to travel with this disease. Going to restaurants and peoples’ houses can be an exercise in futility. Not so with this past weekend. Wendy made it as easy as possible for me and actually gave me a wonderful model to share with others who invite us to their house. She emailed me several times prior to our trip to their house, wanting to make sure she bought everything and anything I might have wanted to eat. She was dutiful in listening to my needs and lovingly fulfilled my requests. And she nurtured and took care of me through her actions. This might seem small, perhaps even insignificant to others, but to me it was huge. While all the guests were eating deli sandwiches and potato salad and cole slaw, I ate leftover salmon from the previous night, prepared just the way I asked Wendy to cook it! I made myself a quick green salad and nuked a potato, and I was perfectly happy. Thank you Wendy and Jon, for making this weekend such a success, in so many ways!

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