• There I am, 8 AM, jumping for joy in the jam aisle at the Big Y Supermarket. You might’ve jumped for joy too. I’m actually starting to see gluten free food labeled in the mainstream supermarket. Either the market actually puts a gluten free tag on the shelf so that the customer can see it. And/or the companies that distribute food to the mainstream supermarkets are catching on and labeling their food gluten free, if it applies.

    I can’t go to the market anymore without my cellphone. I’m starting to believe that the cellphone was made precisely for me! Trying to find gluten free food has become a fulltime job. I’m trying not to whine, honestly, but you must know how tiring it gets. You can take nothing for granted. You have to be sure that everything you eat has no gluten in it. And if you really want to be careful, you have to go the extra mile and call the companies to find out how careful they are in their production of gluten free foods. Are they made in a facility that cleans and sanitizes the machinery before using it to prepare gluten free food? Do they actually measure for gluten? Do they follow any guidelines? How scrupulous are they?

    So, you can see why I whooped it up at Big Y. Nothing fancy. Just jam. Plain ol’ jam. Made by Polaner. The picture didn’t come out great, but if you squint your eyes and look at the back of the label of the jam picture above, you’ll see that the second line from the bottom says “GLUTEN FREE”!

    And if that weren’t enough to make my heart skip a gluten free beat, check this out. I went to a local Shaw’s Supermarket this morning. They have a decent sized Wild Harvest department that caters to those who might otherwise go to Whole Foods Supermarket, if there was one close by (damn, still have to drive an hour to get to one). In the deli department they carry Wild Harvest turkey breast. And right on the label it says “No gluten”. I asked the clerk to cut the lunch meat on a machine that hadn’t been used yet, in other words, the machine was clean and untouched by gluten! She accomodated me. Fast forward to lunch. The turkey was delicious….the best I’ve had from a supermarket deli. I had a real turkey sandwich today, on toasted Whole Foods White Sandwich bread, with mustard, and gluten free potato chips. I was a happy camper today.

    The label on the deli package in my picture doesn’t say “No gluten”, but trust me, the package that the turkey at the deli was wrapped in said “No Gluten”.
    It was a bit pricey, but isn’t everything? When it comes to eating gluten free, it ain’t cheap. My heart goes out to people who can’t afford to buy food, let alone gluten free food. It’s a shame that it costs so much.

    The next gluten free food I want to tell you about comes from the company “Breads From Anna“. Now, you must know that I’m usually a “make it from scratch” kind of person. But if there was ever a really good mix for making bread, it’s this one. I’ve tried a number of her bread mixes, and they’re all quite delicious. You can order it directly from her website, or find it at your local health food store. This package is from her gluten & yeast free pumpkin bread. I swear, you’d be hard-pressed to think it was gluten free. She sure knows how to combine ingredients to make it taste just like the pumpkin bread we all fondly remember. Slather some cream cheese on it, sip on a cup of tea or coffee. Yum! Well, that’s it for now. Gotta go have dinner. Be well and Bon Appetit!

    • Anonymous

      Karina – the GF goddess – suggests making your own GF list, based on store’s GF lists, website information, and calling the company.

      It will get easier, newbie, I promise :)

    • Ellen

      Yes, I’ve begun archiving from info I’ve gathered at one of the Celiac listserves and from calls I’ve made to companies and from products recommended to me or that I’ve found on my own. But, still, it is overwhelming, like a fulltime job. I’m going to start a website just so that I can begin keeping track of all this information and have a place to access it. Sort of like a database. Thanks for your encouragment though!

    • Anonymous

      I’d love to see said website. It would be great if other people could somehow contribute to make a searchable GF list.

    • Ellen

      I’ll keep you posted as the website develops. The name of the website is glutenfreediva.com. But it’s not up yet, so you won’t even find it by going to it. But hopefully, soon, it will be up and running!

    • Anonymous

      What other Breads From Anna mixes have you tried? Have you tried any of her plain breads? Do you find that the bean flours in them make you feel bloated? Do you bake it in a bread machine or in the oven?

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