• Sounds unappealing? Waffles are for breakfast, you say. Think again. Have you ever eaten a waffle ice cream sandwich while strolling on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ? You haven’t lived until you try it. Of course, they would have to be gluten free waffles and gluten free ice cream, and yes, I would feel better if the whole thing were concocted in a dedicated gluten free facility, but why let those minor issues stop you? Buy gluten free ice cream or better yet, make your own, buy Van’s gluten free waffles or better yet, make your own and voila, you’ll be instantly transported to the boardwalk at Atlantic city. But I digress, where was I and why was I talking about waffle sandwiches? I wanted to tell you about the gourmet lunch I had yesterday.

    Van’s gluten free waffles make great sandwich wrappers, whether for ice cream or turkey or anything else you can imagine! Here you see my latest waffle sandwich: Applegate Farms gluten free honey smoked turkey (you can find it at the Whole Foods deli where they actually dedicate a machine to only Applegate meats, all of which they told me are gluten free), sheep and goat’s milk french feta, sliced avocado, sprouts, Annie’s gluten free honey mustard on a toasted waffle. Delicious and divinely wonderful!

    Yesterday, I had my first foray into gluten free quick bread baking. I made a fabulous banana chocolate chip bread. The recipe, Elizabeth’s Favorite Banana Bread, is on page 155 of The Gluten-free Gourmet Bakes Bread by Bette Hagman. I added Enjoy Life chocolate chips to the batter. I am not including the actual recipe because of the copyright issue. I would like to recommend that Celiacs support the wonderful authors who are publishing gluten free books for us, including Carol Fenster, Annalise Roberts, and a myriad of others. So, if you haven’t made any gluten free quick breads yet, give it a try. Hmmmmm, I wonder if it would be good with peanut butter on it?!?!? I love peanut butter with bananas, I love peanut butter with chocolate, so why not spread it on this banana chocolate chip bread! I think I will have that for lunch!

    By the way, if you can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to take my blog to the next level. I’d like to add tags, but I have no idea how to do it. Please add a reply with your email address and I’ll get in touch with you. Many thanks!
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      If you like breakfast/fruit breads, you should try WF’s recipe for Cranberry Banana Quinoa Bread. I’ve made it several times, and it always tastes great – and has extra grains and protein in the form of quinoa flakes (which are used like oatmeal here). I think that I may throw in an extra banana for moistness but can’t remember.


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