• I’ve gotten a lot of comments and private emails from my challah posting – so glad people found it appealing. As it turns out, the original creator of the recipe is Sara Nussbaum. Unfortunately, the recipe got passed around quite a bit on the internet and by the time I found it, there was no reference to the person who created or posted the recipe. Kind of like the game of telephone – where you whisper something in someone’s ear and then they pass it along to the next person and by the time it gets back around the circle to the original person, it has completely morphed into something different. I guess that can happen with recipes too! So, though I adapted and made some changes to the recipe, the original creator was Sara. Thanks, Sara, for starting with such a great recipe!

    I made it on Wednesday night – it was great when it first came out of the oven, but as with many gluten free breads, by today (Friday) it was a bit dry and did better with toasting. But, it’s still delicious and made great toast for my poached eggs this morning and a great peanut butter sandwich for lunch and I’ll be making french toast with it tomorrow morning!
    • Debbi

      Hi Ellen! Wow–so much info here! The challah looks delicious!In either this entry or the previous one, you talked about adding things to the challah. Did you know that Phyllis rolls her challah “logs” in cinnamon and sugar before braiding it? Very sweet and yummy! You could try sprinkling cinnamon and sugar on the top before baking. And you can never go wrong with adding chocolate :-) when you want a sweet one. Does the dough get to a consistency where you could braid it or does it stay too pudding-like? I was just curious. I give you so much credit for all you have do with this and how you find the silver lining in all the new situations you encounter with it
      Love, Me

    • Anonymous

      Hi Ellen,
      I’m really fond of your recepies and thanks for all the informations.
      The chicken soup looks great! I add 1 Tsp. Currypowder and a stick of ginger root to mine.
      Have a sunny day.

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