• Several weeks ago I went to Pho Pasteur, a Vietnamese restaurant at the Atrium Mall in Chestnut Hill, MA. I mentioned that I needed a gluten free meal and the maitre d’ smiled and assured me that he had other Celiac customers and knew just what I could eat. He went into the kitchen, spoke with the chef and minutes later appeared with a stirfry medley of chicken and veggies in a light sauce. It was delicious! How wonderful to be well-taken care of without having to go into a long song and dance about what I could and couldn’t eat. Instead, he told me exactly what would go into the meal he was preparing for me. And it was delicious!

    Not much more today, but just to all of my Celiac and gluten free buddies – keep on keepin’ on – it’s worth it, you’re worth it, so speak up for yourselves when you go to a restaurant. You’ll be doing a good thing for all of us!
    • Anonymous

      I’ve had wonderful luck at Vietnamese restaurants with eating gluten-free. Yum!

    • Anonymous

      Wow, sounds great. I think I am going to have to check out some Vietnamese restaurants in Chicago. (I just started my gluten free diet yesterday, so this is all very new!)

    • Mike Eberhart

      I love Vietnamese food, but quite honestly I have not had any in nearly 7 years. I was in Denver on business back when I first became aquinted with some of the dishes, but did not found a restaurant of my liking nearby — and that was BEFORE becoming GF. Maybe I should start searching again. Your blog has me thinking how wonderful good vietnamese food is (I love Thai, Chinese, and many others too).

    • Jessica

      I’m GF in Worcester too and eat at Pho Dakao (Park Ave.)about once a week or so. They have always been very good at working with me to eliminate soy sauce or to re-work menu items. I highly recommend it!! Nothing like rolling your own fresh rolls stuffed full of mint and shrimp :)

    • Ellen

      Yes, we’ve had alot of luck at Pho Dakao. The owner spent a few hours with myself and a friend in preparation for a group of GF people who wanted to have a gathering at the restaurant. He was very helpful and willing to bend over backwards to cook for us. He even went to his local Asian market searching for GF ingredients! I highly recommend it!

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