• I ordered some specialty teas from an online company. They sent me a lovely assortment of Chai Rooibos, Summer Punch Green Rooibos, Hunny Rooibus, Early Grey Rooibos (my personal favorite), and Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos. The person I spoke with in customer service assured me that the teas are gluten free. They came in silver foil packets with a ziplock top. They each have a fabulous flavor – I love having loose tea. I bought a teapot that you can brew the tea leaves in. It is a real treat to stop what I’m doing in the middle of the day and brew myself a cup of tea. Feels so decadent and worth every moment!

    Try them – they’re called Culinary Teas.
    • Denise

      Thanks for getting some of our tea! Your blog and website are awesome!

    • GrewUpRural

      I went to the Boynton Restaurant on Sunday for their gluten free pizza. The pizza was absolutely delicious. Nothing like the frozen stuff. The dessert was just heavenly. You are right, I couldn’t believe it was gluten free. Thanks again! I will definitely be making the trip from Rhode Island more often.

    • Anonymous

      There is just something so comforting about a cup of tea. It is especially so when you know there is no risk of glutening yourself. :) Hmmm…I think I need to brew myself a cup right now.

    • Anonymous

      We are lucky enough to have a friend that lives in the UK, and she brings us some absolutely fantastic teas from London when she visits. A place called Whittard of Chelsea is where most of them come from, and their “Sticky Toffee” is one of my favorites. I really have no idea if the tea is GF or not though now that I think of it… never thought to ask since as far as I know tea should be safe. But, I do know it tastes amazingly good!

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