• I am delighted to have been included on a list of recommended Gluten Free blogs at Elise’s Simply Recipes Blog. Gluten Free seems to be coming of age. When I mention it to anyone, they almost always know someone who has Celiac Disease or has chosen to eat a gluten-free diet. This is WAY great – I mean, it makes me feel semi-normal when it comes to this gluten free way of life.

    And check this out – we were visiting Cape Cod last week and while we were there, we stopped at the Windfall Market in Falmouth. My mother-in-law, bless her heart (always looking out for her kids) told me that the market has a huge selection of gluten free food. She was right: they had an endcap display of gluten free products as well as other gluten free choices scattered throughout the store. And I’ve noticed that one of New England’s supermarket chains, Shaw’s, has a pretty large gluten free selection as well. So, while I still prefer to go to Whole Foods whenever I can (yes, I’m a sucker for that store), it’s still great to know that I can go into a “regular” market and find a lot of the gluten free products that I like to have on hand.

    One of the things I’ve learned in this short 14 months is that while gluten free cookbooks were a welcome addition to my cookbook collection when I was first diagnosed, I now know that I can still use all of the regular (not gluten free) cookbooks I’ve accumulated over the last 30 years. I’ve just had to learn to adapt, make substitutions, make sure all ingredients are gluten free. So, while I’m no longer buying every gluten free cookbook I come across, there is a Gluten Free dessert cookbook I recently bought called Gluten-free & Wheat-free GOURMET DESSERTS by Michael L. Eberhart and boy, am I glad I gave in to the old familiar “have-to-have-another-cookbook-urge”! The pictures are exquisite and the recipes sound amazing! Kudos to Mike Eberhart over at Gluten Free Blog for experimenting and coming up with the most delicious sounding gluten free desserts.

    So, let’s keep the fire burning bright. We are all in good company and have so many blessings to be thankful for as we turn the page on our calendar and wait for the groundhog to appear!
    • Lynn Barry

      It seems our lives go from feelings of deprivation because we can’t eat everything in sight — to feelings of joy, that we now know what we need to do to make our own bodies feel the best they can feel.

      Speaking of “joy” it is a JOY to know you via this blogging site.

    • ByTheBay

      Ellen, congrats on being included on Elise’s list!

    • Ellen

      And you too, Lynn. We are new friends via the blogosphere, and I am glad to be so! Isn’t it grand to know we have others with whom we share this gluten-free life?!?!?!

      And thanks bythebay for your congrats! Much appreciated!

    • Dianne

      Hi Ellen

      I’m still waiting for Mike’s book, but cant wait to see it (I have to wait longer than most)! Thats a nice post by the way, and I would imagine a lot of people will find it really usefull


    • Mike Eberhart

      Ellen, thanks for the comments on the book. More importantly, I really hope you enjoy all the recipes one you start baking them all. Dianne has the misfortune of waiting for the book to cross the Atlantic via the good old slowwww USPS “economy” shipping to the UK. So, you’ll have to bake some things and give her ideas what to start with when she gets her copy :)

      Congrats on making the list of blogs. My blog was off the radar I guess, but I think I have been around online a bit shorter time than many of you. Keep up the wonderful blogging.

    • rachel

      Thank you for this post! It is great news – I just found out that I am going to need to see a specialist (for Lyme/Fibro, not Celiac) in Falmouth (driving from the North Shore), and my chauffeur was all excited about a bead store – now I have something to get excited about, too!

      We’ve been gluten free for almost 4 years now – I’d love if you checked out a couple of my recipes!

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