• “I can’t keep up with the demand!”, said Rick Fask, owner of Good For Life foods.

    This is what Rick told us tonight when my husband and I went to the Boynton Restaurant in Worcester for his fantastic gluten free pizza. It’s amazing – right here, practically in our own backyard, we can eat this gluten free pizza every single day, as it’s a regular feature of the Boynton’s menu. We can also call and order it for take-out. How lucky is that?!! And not just any ol’ gluten free pizza. This pizza is the best of the best. It is the stuff we Celiacs dream about.

    I know what you’re wondering: “Is there any way that I can eat this wonderful pizza without driving to Worcester, Massachusetts?”. Ha! Ha! Very funny! Not that we wouldn’t want you to visit our fine city! But here’s YOUR chance to help put GF pizza on the map. Let’s be proactive! If we work together, with our combined efforts, we might be able to eat this fantastic pizza at restaurants all over the country. Wouldn’t you love to be able to enjoy a GF pizza when you’re at the mall or doing errands or going out on a Saturday night with your friends or family?!?! Or how about picking it up “to go” and eating it at home?! How about ordering it for your son or daughter’s next birthday party? Oh, the sky’s the limit!

    So, the next time you patronize a restaurant, especially one that already has a GF menu and especially one that already serves pizza, here’s what I would suggest. Ask to speak to the manager. Tell him/her that you would love to see GF pizza on their menu. Perhaps the power of our voices will convince restaurants nation-wide to add GF pizza to their offerings. If each one of us takes this small step, we just might be able to have our pizza and eat it too! Wouldn’t that just be so cool!?!?!
    • GlutenFreeMappyB

      Chicago’s UNO is considering a GF pizza – I just blogged about it today! YUM.


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