• I’ve always longed to have a morning ritual that included tea or coffee. I don’t have one. And I’m 52, so who knows if I ever will. But I want to. The idea of it, just the thought of it, brings me comfort, sort of like that first cleansing breath you take in yoga class.

    My husband does. His morning doesn’t start without a cup of coffee. It gets his engine going. He’s not quite himself until he’s had at least one cup of joe. I envy him that little slice of regularity.

    I pretend that I do. That is, when I remember that I wished I did. Which usually happens after I smell Peter’s coffee brewing. Which of course reminds me of my mother, may her memory be for a blessing. And how, when I was in high school, I used to make her instant coffee, black, and crisp rye toast, lightly buttered, every morning. But I digress.

    On the mornings when I hear the coffee gurgling in the coffeepot or when the aroma of his joe wafts through the air and demands that I pay attention, I stop whatever I’m engrossed in, head to the kitchen to boil water and go through the gyrations of preparing my morning cup of whatever I decide to have.

    If I did wake up knowing that before the day began marching in front of my eyes, I would make and drink one particular hot beverage of choice, I’m not sure what it would be. Lately, I’ve rediscovered my love of coffee, decaf, of course. Trader Joe’s House Decaf Dark Roast – full-bodied, just strong enough without being bitter, lightly colored by the addition of vanilla almond milk, enough sugar to take the bite off the darkness of the brew.

    Then again, I love tea. One of my new faves is sold and packaged by Gong Fu Tea. I ordered four small sampler bags from their website. This allowed me to decide which one(s) I wanted to order in larger quantities. I love all four varieties that I chose, but my fave is the Mediterranean Chamomile. As described by Gong Fu, this blend of Chamomile is made even sweeter by the subtle addition of orange and hibiscus. I added just a tiny touch of honey, mostly out of habit.

    This is a really cool company. Each of my sampler bags came with the name of the tea neatly handwritten on a label on the front of the silver bag. The label on the back included instructions for brewing the tea – the temperature of the water and the length of brewing time, both handwritten, as if someone really cared and wanted to make sure I lovingly made my tea. Maybe I will create a morning ritual.

    Oh, and yes, they assured me that the tea I ordered is gluten free. One more blessing to add to the many I counted when I awoke this morning. Counting your blessings – talk about a great morning ritual:).

    Peter & I feel so strongly about counting our blessings that we wrote and recorded a song by the very same name. You can listen to it if you go to our website, then scroll down to the CD songlist and click here.

    However you start your day, may it be filled with love, light, and laughter. And many blessings!
    • Faye

      Loved your last two blogs…yes, I too, remember mom’s morning ritual. I love my Sunday ritual….coffee and the newspaper! Ah, it brings a smile to my face. Regarding your song, I use it at my goodbye circle for my preschoolers…when the last verse says, “please remember to count yourself, you’re a blessing too, you bring joy to others, don’t you know its true” it brings tears to my eyes…..love it and you!! love your little sis

    • Lisa

      Loved this posting! I love tea…and have a chai latte every morning. Its my ritual. I drink it as I walk the dog in the park (behind my condo). We are the only ones there and I am refreshed for the day afterwards. No matter what your age (I’m 45) you need a ritual to keep you in sinc with the rest of your life.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003454101187 Mohamed

      Thank you all so much for your feedback, it’s so nice to know otehrs have the same issues and you are not alone. I tried a lovely spelt bread recipe in my breadmaker, it was lovely, little one ate it too. Unfortunately spelt is still wheat, but contains significantly less gluten than standard wheat products. She therefore had allergic reaction to it and subsequently managed to get hold of nutrisionist at hospital who confirmed spelt is wheat so she wouldn’t tolerate it, found that out after the fact! nevermind poor poppet is ok now.Didn’t know about the allergyshow, will give that a go, thank you for that!Sainsburys do a great free from range she loves the chicken nuggets and sausages, now refining my own free from nuggets and fish fingers. Covering with cornflakes wasn’t a big hit, going to try whizzing wheat free bread into crumbs to coat, see if that impresses .

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