• Looking for meal ideas for when you travel? I came up with something this past weekend that worked really well and I’d like to share it with you. Perfect for the gluten free way of life. It is closely related to my new discovery of “Raw” foods. I don’t see myself becoming a total raw foodist, but I have begun incorporating some “raw” foods into my diet and I find that is absolutely perfect for my gluten free needs.

    This past weekend, we flew to Detroit for some work in Ann Arbor. We landed and went directly to a Whole Foods Market. This is what I bought (among other things):

    dinosaur kale (you could use regular kale or swiss chard or collard greens)
    hummus (commercially prepared)
    1 whole red pepper
    1 ripe avocado

    Doesn’t sound like much, does it?!? Can you guess what we made for lunch with these five ingredients? Dinosaur Sandwiches!!! How cool is that?!?

    Before you leave home, pack a cutting board and knife. If you’re flying, pack it in the luggage that you check. Whatever you do, don’t bring the knife in your carry-on luggage! Throw in a dish towel, a roll of paper towels or pick up some napkins or you can even use a bathroom towel from your hotel room. And if you forget them, don’t fret. After you check out at the register, Whole Foods (and most markets with salad bars) has lots of take out paraphanalia. Grab what you need and you’re good to go.

    Spread hummus on individual washed kale leaves. Layer with sliced red pepper, sliced avocado, sliced tomatoes. Eat! Delicious! Add some gluten free chips or crackers or corn thins or rice cakes for crunch and voila, a great meal.

    We also bought a box of gluten free breakfast cereal, almond milk (Pacific brand, in a carton, room temperature), and OJ. We were able to eat breakfast in our hotel room (there was a frig for the OJ – most hotels will supply a small frig for no extra cost if you ask when making your reservation).

    Our hosts took us out to dinner at a local restaurant called Paesano’s. The restaurant was very Celiac friendly and accomodated us quite nicely. While we had to ask a million questions, we got a million answers, and Peter and I both had a delicious dinner of roasted salmon with basil-mint pesto on a bed of black rice (cooked in water, not stock – I checked), and steamed green beans.

    So, happy traveling. And remember to think outside of the box. Not everything has to be a sit-down meal. You can use ingredients in unusual ways. Just be open to the idea of finding new ways to eat foods you’ve been eating forever. Or try new foods (like dinosaur kale!). There is no limit, once you open your eyes to the great possibilites!
    • Sheltie Girl

      Thanks for the traveling tips. I pack a Mr. Bento (Zojirushi) lunch box for each of us. We hit Whole Foods to restock while we’re on the road.

      Sheltie Girl @ Gluten A Go Go

    • Mike Eberhart

      I always like to take some raw foods along on trips – typically fruits like oranges, apples, bananas. And, I’m all for the avocado (love them!), though I then need to remember a knife or spoon :)

    • Ellen

      What is a Mr. Bento lunch box? I think I’ve seen them on Amazon.com, but I remember them being quite pricey. I guess it’s worth it, huh? But I’d love to know more about them.

    • Isle Dance

      Thank you so much for your great Blog! Yes – I’ve found my weekly box of raw organic fruits and veggies helps tremendously with my wheat-, yeast-, gluten-, dairy-, red meat-, additive- and preservative-free life!

    • Lisa

      oooh yum! And travels well too…we like that! Thanks for the tips!

    • Allie

      Hey Ellen —

      That looks great! I just got back from a week long trip in Europe and I must say, I didn’t eat very much!!! I think I lost a few LBS – and being in Italy was especially depressing — all of that pizza, pasta, desserts! I was bummed… I was in southern italy so gluten free food wasn’t really around – I did find some grissini (breadsticks) made from rice – but they weren’t that good – OH WELL… i should blog about this…

    • Dianne

      Nice idea Ellen! Pretty much what I do when travelling, I always have some sort of survival kit with me, for those times when ‘all else has failed’


    • Jean Layton-GF Momma

      I love your dinosaur sandwiches. Dark leafy greens are the best.
      I always carry a can of Dolmas (grape leaves stuffed with rice in a lemon sauce) with me when I travel. That way I have a nice light lunch or can create a wonderful greek salad without a lot of trouble.
      I get them at Trader Joes.
      With them and a bag of almonds along all of my real food desires are satisfied

    • Ellen

      Ooh, Jean, the grape leaves sound wonderful. Can you be more specific? I’d love to pick them up at Trader Joe’s. Who makes them? Sounds yummy!

    • Rochelle

      These might not be the brand that Jean uses, but I think that the Trader Joes brand dolmas in the glass jars are on their gluten free list.


    • Sia

      ellen, thanks for the travelling tips. i must say, i dont eat very well when i am away from home. ur dinosaur sandwiches will surely come to my rescue:)

    • Audrey

      looks good! but i’m also allergic to tomatoes!!

    • Anonymous

      Dear Ellen,
      I just returned from my trip to the USA and I was happy to find so many glutenfree ways to life through my vacation. Especially California seems to be a perfect place to life gf. Whole Food’s is a sort of gf paradise, also with a large selection of deep frozen goods. In many restaurants it was no problem at all to eat gf . On my longdistance flight I asked for gf meals and also this was no problem at all. Being on tour I like to take soft sandwiches from Dr Schär, because they don’t need to be toasted.
      @ Allie, I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Once You ever come back to Europe ask for Dr Schär Produkts. They were produced in Italy and you can get them almost everywhere in Italy and Germany. France and the U.K. have their own good gf products and the Skandinavian countries too. You can even get a gf Burger up there.
      QEllen finaly I found millet flour which I’ve never seen around here and after I got over my jetlack I’m looking foreward to trying some of your recepies.
      Have a good day.

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