• I was delighted to find http://www.theglutenfreelifestyle.com/ website. This company is sponsoring what sounds like a fantastic summit in August 07. Check it out! How fortunate we are that gluten-free is garnering attention and interest. Hey everyone, count your blessings!

    In perusing through the website, I found this page on dealing with gluten-free flours. I think it is a good read and would recommend that you read it if you are a gluten-free baker or interested in trying your hand at it (no pun intended – gotta read the linked page to get it!).

    Here’s Elwood City’s post about flours from her blog:

    If anyone else has interesting flour information, email it to me (see sidebar). I would like to start a link in my sidebar that includes links to webpages that contain gluten-free flour and baking information.

    Have a great day!
    • ElwoodCity

      The article on GF flours gives some good general guidelines, but doesn’t have as much specific information of the type I was interested in when I started. Some of what I have learned is at http://gf-gastrognome.blogspot.com/2007/04/re-flours.html

    • Ellen

      Hi Elwood City,

      Thanks for the info. I’ve added your post to my post. Hope that’s ok. If not, let me know…


    • Lisa

      Thanks for the info! Just catching up and love the buns!! Will be trying them soon…with portabello mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and grilled onions….I’m getting hungry already!

    • Ellen

      Lisa – that sounds fab – I’ve been looking for a good excuse to marinate and grill some of those big sucker portabello mush-babies. Thanks for the idea.

      I hope you and my sister get together – you’d have a lot to talk about! She’s coming to visit in a few weeks and we’re going to cook up a gluten-free storm!!!

    • Betty Jo

      Thanks for these interesting links. I’ll definitely be checking them all out. :)

    • Ellen

      Thanks Betty Jo. Welcome to the club, by the way. Glad to see you’re starting to feel better. Keep up the good work and feel free to contact any of us veterans (some more than others – I’m still somewhat of a newbie, though almost two years into it) for advice, help, etc.

    • Mike Eberhart

      I understand the idea of having these “flour mixes” that can be used as simple substitutions for regular flour in recipes, but from all the baking I have done, I have found they just don’t produce the optimal results. They work *sometimes*, but I still think the only way to get the best results is to custom tailor the flour proportions to each particular recipe.

      E.g., I have found that some recipes may work well with a 2:1 ratio of particular flours, and others are best at a 3:1 or a 2:1:1 (introducing yet another flour), etc. The flour-mixes have the advantage of speed perhaps, but aside from that, I just haven’t found any advantage. Just my two cents on the matter :)

    • Sea

      Dear Ellen,
      Great post! That Gluten Free Living site is simply gorgeous. I’m going to be updating my links on my own blog soon and will be adding some of these lovely ones that you found.

      I thought you might also be interested in Naomi’s post about gluten free flours:


      Nobody seems to have mentioned quinoa flour, which is a shame because I think it’s just as nice as teff if not nicer for adding protein and distinctive flavor to our sometimes bland flours.

      So glad you’re blogging!


    • Sea

      Oops, I meant to say the Gluten Free Lifestyle page is gorgeous- but you probably knew what I meant. 😉
      -Me again

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