• I feel like I’ve won the lottery. I’ve been pinged and asked to participate in a meme. I have to come up with 8 random things about myself. I know, it sounds dopey. I mean, do I really have time to come up with 8 random things? No, I don’t. But, I’ve always hoped and dreamed that someone would meme me. I know what you’re thinking: get a life, Ellen.

    Hee, hee, hee. I’m having fun now.

    So, that’s one reason I’m participating. The other reason is that Joe Lewis, the person who pinged me with this meme (not sure if that’s even the right lingo) is a fellow musician. Plus, not that long ago, he helped me with a technical aspect regarding my blog and I’m very grateful for his help.

    The rules for this meme are:

    1. Let others know who tagged you.
    2. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
    3. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
    4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

    Ok, here are the 8 random things about me:

    1. I studied piano from the age of five through college. At the age of 52, I am now pretty accomplished as a classical pianist, but I still like to study with great teachers and get feedback from them. I’m hoping to give a recital soon.

    2. I think the Food Network should hire me to do a gluten-free cooking show. I know it would be a hit. I’m a natural. I love to cook, I’m really good on camera. I’m used to getting up in front of people because of the work that my husband and I do (see our website www.peterandellen.com). And the world needs a gluten-free cooking show. I’m sure of it. I also think I could write a damn good gluten-free cookbook – sort of a lifestyle cookbook. Come on publishers, where are you?!?

    3. I really want to incorporate more raw food into my diet. I’ve read a lot about it and have begun accumulating raw recipes. I can’t imagine going completely raw, though I will confess that I feel like a million bucks when I eat only raw food.

    4. My husband and I have written over 150 Jewish songs for young children. You can hear some of them at our website or at oysongs.com.

    5. I met my husband on April 30, 1994. We got married on April 20, 1996. To this day, when he walks into the room, my heart skips a beat. Sometimes I even swoon.

    6. I love studying Jewish texts. I’m very fortunate to have a teacher with whom I study once a week and have been doing so for about one year. He is a retired rabbi and is very wise, very patient, and very kind. His name is Rabbi David L. Kline.

    7. Peter and I are ridiculously busy with our work as children’s musicians, workshop clinicians, and recording artists. We desperately need someone to book our work, but have not been able to find someone to do so. We came close, about a month ago. But this particular booking agent decided that she didn’t have the time to take us on. If we find the right person, it will be wonderful for all parties involved. Maybe by posting this 7th thing about me, maybe the right person will walk into our lives. Wouldn’t that be grand?

    8. I think it’s easy to be upbeat, chipper, and super motivated about everything. Especially life. I am a very happy and blessed human being.

    Ok, to pass the torch onto 8 others, some of whom know me, some of whom probably don’t. But they all write blogs and help me learn about how others live with Celiac Disease, how to make my blog be as effective as possible, how to incorporate more raw and vegan food into my life and finally, a woman who is a rabbi and writes so beautifully and who makes me want to continue studying as many Jewish texts as I can:

    1. Faye
    2. Shauna
    3. Karina
    4. Heidi
    5. SusanV
    6. Velvetten Rabbi
    7. Chris
    8. Dreena
    • rbarenblat

      Thank you for kindly inviting me to participate in this meme! My answers are here.

      Take care!

    • SusanV

      Very impressive ramdom facts!

      Thanks for including me in the meme. I’m going out of town for a few days, but while I’m gone I’ll try to give some thought to my answers and post when I return.

    • ByTheBay

      I like this meme. I also love the Velveteen Rabbi’s blog 😉

      BTW I am studying Talmud for the first time ever this summer! At the NHC Institute in NH. Can’t wait!

    • Heidi and Justin

      Hiya Ellen!

      I will take you up on the meme challenge…but it will not show up on RFRN. Where will it show up?

      It’s a surprise…

      ~ Heidi

    • Ellen

      Dear Velveteen Rabbit,

      Thanks for participating. Keep up the great blogging – I love reading it!


    • Ellen

      Dear Susan,

      I look forward to seeing your answers! It’s a great way to get a little snapshot into someone’s life. Thanks!


    • Ellen


      Ooh, inquiring minds want to know! I can’t wait!


    • Ginger

      I just emailed the Food Network yesterday and said they need a gluten free search engine and since 3000 out of every 100,000 viewers are gluten intolerant, that they really should have a GF cooking show. I will let you know if I hear back. By the way, I did apply to their second round of Food Network star 2 years ago, at this point, after watching them, I am glad I didn’t make it on. Guess what the title of my show was going to be? Fresh Ginger I am sure they will be taking apps again soon, so get your DVD ready!

    • Ellen


      How does one find out when the Food Network will be looking for DVDs?


      P.S. Fresh Ginger is a perfect name!

    • Sea

      Hi Ellen!

      I’m so glad to see you back! We’ve missed you lots and lots.


    • kbabe1968

      Hi there! Stopped by at the recommendation of your sister. Hope you take a minute to visit my blog too – http://www.goingglutenfree.blogspot.com. I’m adding you to my list of sites to visit! Got some great stuff on here. Hey…can I come do guest spots on your show? LOL 😀 I’ve always dreamed of being a Food Network chef – now it would be gluten free, too.

    • Ellen

      Hi Sea,

      Yes, I’ve strayed. But not far. I’ve taken a lot of pictures for my blog, but somehow, the days pass and I miss posting yet again. We’ve just been super busy with a recording project that has a deadline. But I’m back. Slowly, but I’m back. Thanks for thinking of me:).

    • Ellen

      Hi KBabe,

      Welcome to my cyberhome. Glad you stopped by. Yes, you may have a guest spot on the show. Hee Hee!


    • Erin S.

      I would love to see a gluten-free cooking show on the Food Network. I did a search today and there are only 2 recipes in their search engine that come up as gluten-free.

      Also, love the name oysongs!!

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