• Ah, the simple things in life. Nothing like a really good cup of coffee that you can make at home, without paying the high prices at the fancy coffee shops. Oh, I’ll still buy an occasional cup of coffee when I’m out and about, but it’s great to know that I can make a fantastic cup at home!

    It all started when I discovered Peet’s Coffee. I’m taking a Hebrew language class and if I get to the college early, I’ve been going down to one of the local coffee joints – Peet’s. Not sure, it might be a Seattle, WA based chain. Anyway, a few weeks ago I stopped by and ordered a decaf with a shot of decaf espresso. They have gluten free soymilk – I prefer it over cream or cow’s milk. I’ve ordered it at Starbucks in the past – it’s called a Decaf Red Eye.

    So, there I am, drinking it and trying to conjugate my verbs when I realize that I’m totally digging my coffee. I go up to the register and ask the person behind the counter: “I’d like to replicate this exact cup of coffee at home. Can you mix decaf beans and come up with something that reflects what I ordered?”. She says “Hmmm, I think so. Let me see if I can come up with something and I’ll give you a complimentary sample. Take it home and see if it does the trick for you.”

    So I took it home and voila. It is exactly what I’d ordered that morning in Peet’s. Except better. I’ve been drinking it for days. However, I have taken it one step further. I add my own homemade soymilk (I use the SoyQuick Milk Maker which I adore!!!) Silk’s Pumpkin Soymilk (or Eggnog Soymilk) – they’re both yummy. I take one of them, put it in my coffee mug, heat it gently in the micro, pour in my french pressed Peet’s coffee, add a touch of cinnamon, add a squeeze of agave syrup. It is heavenly. Heavenly I tell you.

    One of these days, I’m gonna make some cookies or biscotti to dip in my afternoon cup o’ joe. But meanwhile, it’s unbelievably delicious, all on its’ own.

    It is the simple things that I am so grateful for.
    • Joe Lewis

      Glad you found Peet’s! Glad they have it out there too! Peet’s is the only place I get my coffee anymore. I usually buy the aged Sumatra variety, which goes well with my French press.

    • Joe Lewis

      Oh and Peet’s started out this way in Berkeley, California. It is a Bay Area favorite.

    • Sea

      yup, I was just going to say what joe said… it’s a California chain, dah-ling. My Grandpa even read an article that claimed Starbucks originally bought their espresso from Peets. 😉 Being a Seattle child, I love my Starbucks espresso BUT Peets has lovely tea and a very yummy green tea frappucino type beverage.

      Happy day!

    • Gluti Girl

      I for one am thankful coffee is gluten free. I can live without bread, but not coffee!

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