• I stumbled upon this post about making gluten free bread in a crockpot. Thought it was interesting and will have to give it a try.

    I also love the idea that the author of the blog is trying to use her crockpot for gluten free cooking every day for a year! Very ambitious of her indeed! It reminds me to use one of my three crockpots (yes, I have different shapes and sizes) more often. Oh well, if we only had more hours in the day:).

    Anyone have any interesting gluten free crockpot recipes? Let me know and I’ll do a round-up of them.
    • Crockpot Lady

      Ellen, thank you for the link and for your kind words. I was ecstatic to see the bread rise so nicely in the crock—I was fully expecting a gluten free brick (I’m pretty good at creating those!). I think the moisture and the slow heat really aided the rising process.


    • Ellen

      You are most welcome! I am going to try baking one this afternoon in my crockpot! Thanks again for the inspiration.

    • Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF)

      Ellen~ You will have to let us know how it comes out!!

      What a fascinating idea!

    • Ellen

      I will Slacker Mom. Gonna try baking it this afternoon.

    • celticjig

      I love crock pot cooking and would be happy to see the round up results. The crock bread is a great idea!

    • Ellen

      Dear Celticjig,

      If you have any crockpot recipes, please email them to me so that I can include them in the roundup.


    • debby

      i love to shop at http://www.wholeandnatural.com. they have all kinds of healthy and natural kosher food and snacks. the stuff is fresh and low prices.
      seeya, debby
      btw i used a coupon bldc08 try it

    • Anonymous

      your recipes look so delicious and id like to make some of my own GF dishes…but all the GF products are always too expensive for a mere student like myself. makes me a bit sad sometimes. =/

    • Ellen

      Anonymous – I feel for you – a lot of GF specific foods are expensive, in particular the mixes or processed foods. The more you can make from scratch, the less expensive it will be. Have you tried making your own bread for example? It ends up being less expensive than buying any of the already baked frozen loaves. Or make your own granola bars (assuming you eat oats), or GF cookies (freeze the extras). Keep on experimenting – you’ll see, making GF food from scratch is fun, easy, and economical.

    • Ana

      You asked for GF crockpot recipes, where shall we send them?

    • Ellen

      Ana and others, please send GF crockpot recipes to my email address listed on the sidebar of my blog. Thanks!

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