• Occasionally, I receive products in the mail that the sender wants me to write about on my blog. If the product is something I like, I’m more than happy to do so. Get Off Gluten!, the book I’m about to tell you about is a great resource to have on hand for several reasons. First because it’s a simple, chock full of info book including recipes that look fabulous. Second, we all have those times when friends and/or relatives need a little (and I mean little) intro to our gluten free world. This book is the perfect answer for that. Clearly, the author, JoAnn Farb has done her research and she has boiled it down, like maple syrup, to the clear facts. Enough so that non-gluten free people can get a glimpse and an understanding into our GF world.

    She also has clearly done her homework when it comes to dairy-free and vegetarian, with good, consise, backed-up-by-research information. If you want to read more about her book, her work, and her mission, go to her website at www.getoffgluten.com.

    Oh yes, and for those of you who are looking for a new gluten free bread recipe, JoAnn’s looks excellent. It’s a sourdough bread that you make with your own starter, made from red grapes and buckwheat flour! I will confess that I haven’t tried it yet, though I have a good excuse in that I’m still recovering from my bicycle accident and really need to keep my life as simple as possible. But once I deep six the crutches, I’ll be sure to try her “revolutionary bread recipe”.
    • Allie

      Hi Ellen — So sorry to hear about your accident, I hope you're healing quickly.

      I was wondering if you had made it to the GF Cooking Spree in Boston this weekend — but seems like it may have been difficult/painful to get around….

      I also had a question for you — If I recall correctly, you live out in Western MA, right? I'm heading to Northampton to visit my Aunt & cousins (going to field hockey and soccer games!) and I think the Big E… but I was wondering if you could suggest any GF restaurants our your way? For lunch or dinner?


    • I Am Gluten Free

      Allie – did you get my reply? I did it through my email account. Let me know…

    • Allie

      Didn’t get it!

    • I Am Gluten Free

      Hi Allie,

      I didn’t make it to the GF Cooking Spree. It’s still really tiring to get around for very long, so I’m conserving my energy for absolutely necessary trips.

      Hmmmm, restaurants on the way to Northampton. I haven’t eaten in Northampton proper, so can’t help you there. There is an Outback somewhere in the vicinity, I think. If you want to stop in Worcester, not too far off the highway, there’s the Boynton on Highland. I’m guessing it’ll take you about 10 minutes out of the way. They have excellent GF pizza. If you eat meat, their ribs are excellent and if you ask for Bill (the head chef) and tell him you’re GF, chances are he’ll be able to make sure the ribs dinner is safe. He knows GF very well. There’s a Vietnamese restaurant in Worcester called Pho Dakao – we go there for there chicken soup all the time. And summer rolls – I don’t get the peanut sauce but dip the rolls in their lighter nuoc cham sauce. There’s an Outback in Auburn which is also right off the Mass Pike.

      And last but not least, you would be most welcome to stop by our house. I’d love to see you and if we’re around, I’d make you a kickass GF meal:).

      Good luck!

    • Allie

      Hey Ellen!

      Thanks for the advice & the invitation!

      As it is, I'm jam packing in two sporting events, and the Big-E into just under 24 hours, my 3 cousins each have big plans for me, then I have to head back to Boston! Thank you so much though!!


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