• My husband and I recently visited the UNO Chicago Grill restaurant at the Blackstone 146 Mall in Millbury, MA. We had heard that they added two gluten free pizzas to their menu, cheese and pepperoni, so we decided to try it. A little shopping, a little pizza – what could be bad???!!!

    We ordered plain cheese gluten free pizza and a salad… it was terrific! The assistant manager and the waitress were also knowledgeable about the GF products, which made the experience even more enjoyable. Our understanding is that Uno is test marketing these GF pizzas and hopefully will carry them on a national basis soon. Wouldn’t that be fantastic!?!? We travel quite often for our work, so knowing that we can get gluten free pizza at Uno’s when we’re on the road will make traveling that much easier.

    Have you tried Uno’s pizza yet? If so, please let me know!
    • Bunny Trails

      Wow, I’m SHOCKED (and excited)! Let’s hope they test well enough to go nationwide. I would love to be able to grab a pizze out instead of making it from scratch all of the time. Thanks for the info!

    • Joe Lewis


      Are these crusts the deep-dish kind? I seriously miss Uno’s. There was one right across the street from New England Conservatory that basically fed me all through college. Mmmmmm….

    • Gina Perry

      Such great news! I had heard that the Uno’s near me (Portsmouth NH) offered GF pizza but wasn’t sure if I should believe it – I’ll definitely give it a shot!!!

    • Gina Perry

      errr, actually the one near me is in Dover – when I try it I’ll report back! :)

    • Stitchy

      That would be so wonderful. My DH is gluten intolerant and the one thing he truly midsses is Pizza. He has tried several frozen and homemade pizzas but to no avail,. He has found a couple of GF beers so his favorite meal would be accessible.

    • Stephanie

      I'll have to try it! How does it compare to The Boynton?

      I was watching a Food Network show on pizzas, and they featured Giordano's in Chicago–stuffed pizza. I remember this as a family favorite for summers in Chicago!

      This is NOT like Uno's deep dish. It's a thinnish crust put in a deep-dish pan–flopped over the sides. Fill it with cheese, spinach, lotsa garlic, and maybe shredded & squeezed zucchini (I loved this, as it added bulk with less cheese but the spinach/garlic stole the show). Then put a thin crust over the top, slit, and close. Bake it 2/3, then top with sauce & parmesan & finish baking.

      I MADE IT, but with spelt, so not Gluten Free. However, I wonder if GF pizza dough would hold up on this. It's best if you can take it out of the pan afterwards, but if the dough were falling apart you could still have it from the pan…

    • Faye

      Dear Sis,

      Glad to see that you got your blog fixed. I had UNO’s pizza in Orlando when I visited Amy. It was so yummy! Love you….

    • Nikki

      I'm excited to try GF food products. Being the professional that I am :) I have really been trying to learn more about it & make GF food for my clients & guests. Hopefully, I'll have a GF cooking class sometime next year.

      I appreciate your help/comments about my cinnamon rolls. I've gone over the recipe & the procedure over & over & I don't think it was the substitutions, I think I didn't measure & mix well.

    • rocksea_lady

      I am going to NYC area for Thanksgiving and I thought for sure I could find it there. Sadly, it is not. I was told it would not be in my area (SE VA) or NYC until 2009. That is only if it is received well in the test areas.
      PLEASE eat as much as you can so I can get it!!! LOL

    • H.Peter

      I have been to UNO in North Carolina, but by myself. No Celiac with me.
      I really liked the place.

    • seamaiden

      This is such a trend… and I love it Amici’s in California is doing the same thing and it is fabulous. I just posted about it, actually…


      Anyway, it’s great that companies are trying to supply gluten-free pizza at long last!


    • Vin | NaturalBias.com

      As someone who doesn’t do well with gluten and loves pizza, I think it’s great that more places are offering gluten free options. I just recently found out about Uno’s gluten free pizza and tried it for the first time last week. Overall, I was quite impressed. Here’s my in depth review of it.

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