• Karina, also known as Gluten Free Goddess, posted a very thorough and helpful list of what to avoid when you can’t have gluten. Please click on the this link. Before you read it, remember, it can be overwhelming at first to realize how much you CAN’T have when you can’t eat gluten. But once you get past your first hissy fit (we all have them), you’ll realize how much you CAN still eat!
    • Karina Allrich

      Thanks for the shout-out, Ellen! It is daunting at first, but a glance through your recipes, and my recipes, proves there is still so much great food to enjoy. Take care! xox

    • Martha

      Thank you for that link, Ellen. Very helpful.

    • Jessus

      im only 19 – thought coeliac disease was horrible news – was feeling really upset about it..
      but your blog made me realise its not that bad after all

      thank you so much

    • GFE–gluten free easily

      Your closing statement is such an excellent point, Ellen! Most of us consider being gluten free a blessing after the initial adjustment. Now that I am actually aware of what I’m eating all the time, I eat much better and I’m trying new foods and recipes all the time–how cool is that? Of course, the fact that I feel like a completely different person is a huge payback, too.


    • Bethany

      “First hissy fit”–I came home from college and sat at my mom’s table and cried. A year later I’m managing quite well although I somtimes get depressed when I realize I will never enjoy the same fluffiness in a cinnamon roll ever again. It makes baking more exciting though because each triumph is that much harder earned! And I love vegan buckwheat pancakes myself…

    • I Am Gluten Free

      Karina – yes, yes, yes, millions of recipes!

      Martha – you are most welcome!

      Jessus – so glad I could help. Keep coming back for more and email anytime you need a shoulder. We’re all in this together!

      GFE – I agree with you – I AM a different person than I was pre-Celiac. And I’m so much better for it.

      Bethany – it was shocking to all of us. Nobody wants to be that different. But eventually, you get used to it and you realize it’s really not that bad. By the way, have you tried making my cinnamon rolls? Look in my archives under Breakfast. They’re yummy!

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