One of my favorite food bloggers is Heidi Swanson from 101 Cookbooks. She has style and panache, and she knows food. While her recipes are not gluten free by design, many are either inherently gluten free or can be adapted quite easily to be gluten free.

    We returned home last night, after being out-of-town for five days. This morning, I was itching to put my apron on and make something hefty and filling, especially after a wicked spin class at the gym. I didn’t have time to go to the market, so I turned to Heidi’s recipe for Ten Minute Tasty Asparagus and Brown Rice. Not only is it one of my standard go to recipes, I had just what I needed in my pantry and frig. This recipe is remarkably flexible, it can be varied in a heartbeat by simply using different vegetables or grains, and it makes great leftovers. And let me tell you, leftovers rule in my world.

    Today I subbed quinoa (made in the pressure cooker: couple of minutes to bring it up to pressure, one minute to cook, ten minutes for a natural pressure release) for the brown rice and curly kale for the asparagus. While fresh vegetables are preferred, I also added some frozen vegetables which I keep on hand for days like today.

    But I can tell you, hands down, the best part of this recipe is the Tahini Dressing. It is a knock-out of a dressing. I mean, lick-the-measuring-cup delicious, down to the very last drop. And versatile. Very. You could thin it with some more lemon juice or water and use it for a salad dressing. You could add more tahini and use it as a dip. You could pour it over felafel sandwiches. It is a winner.

    Thank you Heidi!
    • Valerie (m.)

      Another really awesome tahini dressing is the one in "Vegan with a Vengeance." It's a pretty similar recipe, but you cook the garlic in the oil and instead of lemon zest you add paprika. I find it utterly addictive. The 101 Cookbooks tahini dressing looks really wonderful too.

    • Martha

      The dressing sounds wonderful, Ellen. Thanks for the link. I have Heidi's cookbook but this one isn't in it. If I have a lemon, I'll make some today.

    • Tasty Eats At Home

      mmm, tahini dressing. Drool. I love Heidi's recipes too – I have her book and cook from both it and her blog often!

    • Kim and Megan

      I am a "throw together" cook a lot of the time, too! Thank you for the great link and ideas for adapting to whatever's on hand.

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