• Breads From Anna Gluten Free Sourdough Artisan Boule

    I love Breads From Anna bread mixes. And the muffin and pancake mixes are also terrific. They simply can’t be beat. There is nothing on the market that compares in taste or nutrition. They are high in protein and fiber, and unbelievably delicious. Simple, fresh, ingredients that bake up into artisanal loaves that turn gluten free dining into an art.

    Do I work for Breads From Anna? No. Do I profit from my reviews of her mixes? No. Do I want to see this small company make great waves in the gluten free world? Yes. An unmitigated, unbridled, unreserved, unabashed YES!!!

    Look people. We aren’t big corporations. But we can effect change by opening our mouths and advocating for ourselves. Whether you’re Celiac or gluten intolerant, all of us are in the same club. We don’t need gluten free breads that are made from white gluten free flours and starches devoid of any nutrition. Once in awhile, I’ll admit, it’s nice to have a gluten free Cinnamon Bun that’s fluffy and soft. But as a general rule, everyday gluten free options need to help us move towards health and wholeness. We need to have delicious and nutritious gluten free bread options. And Breads From Anna is your ticket, I can promise you that.

    I love Breads from Anna so much that I’ve decided to devote part of my blog to writing about my experience with her mixes. I’m going to start with one mix and work my way through the entire line, all the while, I’ll be blogging about it and sharing pictures with you. And along the way, I’m going to step outside of the box and experiment, creatively using her mixes to bake all manner of baked goods. Stay tuned! Please come back and visit. Please see the list below for links to the baked goods I’ve made and blogged about from Breads From Anna gluten free mixes.

    Gluten Free Sourdough Artisan Boule

    Gluten Free Multi-Grain Wraps

    Gluten Free Apple Muffins & Maple Walnut Muffins
    • Aubree Cherie

      I'd never heard of Breads from Anna, I'll definitely have to check the products out. Thanks!

      ~Aubree Cherie

    • angie

      I'm not gluten intolerant, but I love to eat Breads From Anna bread! Thanks for showcasing their products. I look forward to your reviews!


    • Chelsea

      I couldn't agree with you more! We LOVE Breads From Anna at our home and I open my mouth about her product whenever I get the chance. LOVE IT!!! Truly, the holy grail of gluten-free breads.

    • Anonymous

      Hi! I am from Canada do you know if we can get Breads from Anna here! I am specially in the Province of Ontario in the Niagara Region.

    • I Am Gluten Free

      Anonymous – I can't answer your question, but if you go to the Breads From Anna website, I'm sure you'll find the answer, or you can email her to find out. Good luck! I hope you can find it in Canada!

    • Tara

      I found your blog. Nice to see that others have found Breads From Anna. Sooo yummy and also great for people looking to avoid common allergens. I don’t work for Breads From Anna, but recommend the site to many of my patients.

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