• Simple. Easy to prepare. Comfort food. The kind my Grandma Sadie and Grandpa Saul might’ve eaten when they lived in the shtetl’s in Russia (back when it was called Russia). Except that some sort of noodles probably would’ve taken the place of the quinoa. But the mushrooms and onions definitely would’ve played a big part, in a big way.

    I was honored to be included in The W.H.O.L.E. Gang’s 30 Days to a Food Revolution event, one of 30 bloggers who contributed their part in homage to Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution. I’ve read each and every post with great interest. My mornings start by turning on my computer and eagerly opening Diane’s wonderful blog and reading the new days’ post. Every single blogger has added their unique and fascinating voice to the mix. All the posts have been wonderful, informative, and full of tips and ideas that have really had an impact on me. One of them was written by Alison from Sure Foods Living. She wrote about a 3 ingredient salad dressing. Kind of reminded me of the Food Network 5 Ingredient show with Claire Robinson. Alison’s post was a gentle reminder that delicious doesn’t have to involve 328 ingredients and doesn’t have to use every pot, dish, or pan in my kitchen. Honey, are you reading this??!!!

    It all started when I tore through the market late this afternoon. We were on our way home from Boston and my husband had to get to a rehearsal. I literally had 10 minutes to get in and out of the Big Y, not my usual modus operandi. I usually like to take my time. But not today. I walked like a speed demon through the produce section. Mushrooms – slam dunk into the cart. Onions – another slam dunk. I had just enough time to run to the baking aisle and find a tin of cocoa (I’m putting the finishing touches on a gluten free, dairy free, egg free brownie – come back in a few days, I plan on posting the recipe and pics within the next few days.)

    When we arrived home, I had lots of catching up to do in our office, since I was busy most of today doing grandmothery kinds of things. Have I mentioned that I am now a grandmother? My grandson was born three months ago and I’m smitten. Delicious doesn’t even come close. Ah….

    I was thinking about making something fast and then I remembered Alison’s post for a 3 ingredient salad dressing. Simple, nutritious and delicious. I had quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) on my mind, as I have plans to contribute a recipe to egglesscooking.com’s quinoa event. Did you know that quinoa is a complete protein? And I had mushrooms and onions. Bingo! Ok, I used a few more ingredients than 3, but just a few, so I think Alison would approve.

    This is one of those fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants dishes. You really can’t screw it up – a few more mushrooms, no big deal. Let the onions take center stage – possible standing ovation.

    Quinoa Pilaf

    click here for printable recipe

    1 cup quinoa, rinsed VERY well and cooked per your preferred method

    1 tbsp olive oil

    1 onion, diced

    1 pint button mushrooms, sliced

    sea salt and freshly ground pepper

    chopped parsley

    I made the quinoa in my pressure cooker. Couldn’t be easier. Throw 1 cup rinsed quinoa into the pot. Add 1 1/2 cups water (I used part water, part vegetable stock, thus the yellow tinge to the quinoa in the picure), 1/2 tsp sea salt. Cover. Bring up to high pressure. Turn down and cook for 1 minute. Let it come down naturally for 10 minutes. If you don’t have a pressure cooker, cook the quinoa using whatever method you prefer.

    Heat the olive oil in a saute pan on medium high. Add the onions and cook for about 5 minutes, making sure they don’t burn. Add the mushrooms and cook until they’ve reduced in size and the mixture is done to your satisfaction. Add salt and pepper.

    Mix the cooked quinoa and mushroom/onion mixture together. Add parsley.

    That’s all she wrote folks. Couldn’t be much easier. Now, how many ingredients did I use?

    • marciferous

      How funny – I just had almost this EXACT dish for dinner, from the Whole Foods deli – and now I know how to make my own, YAY! Only difference is their mushrooms were Balsamic-roasted.

    • Beth

      I love quinoa. I'm going to have to give this one a try next!! : )

    • Alisa

      Yum! It is great how such simple ingredients can come together.

    • Sarena Shasteen – The Non-Dairy Queen

      Quinoa is my new favorite grain! I use it in almost everything. This looks delicious!

    • Tasty Eats At Home

      Three cheers for quinoa! This sounds easy and delicious!

    • glutenfreeforgood

      Quinoa is one of my favorite gluten-free, go-to grains. Just had some with some sautéed cabbage for lunch. I don't have a pressure cooker, but I sure am envious of everyone else's! Hey, I finally got myself a VitaMix, so I'm slow to the party when it comes to fancy cookware. Love the idea of mixing in mushrooms. That must add a nice, earthy flavor.

    • Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen)

      Anything quinoa works for me. Never enough ways to eat it!

    • Madhuram

      Hi Ellen I took a quick glance of your blog and notice that you have such a lovely space here. I'm going to browse through your recipes leisurely. As much as I would love to include your pilaf in the round up I'm sorry that I cannot be including it because my event is only for baking with quinoa. But I'm very glad that you sent a mail otherwise I wouldn't have come to know about such a wonderful blog.

    • Más allá de 365 sonrisas

      i love quinoa pilaf!

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