• When I was a teenager, Sunday mornings often meant driving to Perkins Pancake House in Toms River, NY for breakfast. Now, you have to know, I was about as big as a minute. Not very tall – about 5’3″ and probably 100 lbs when wet. And though very clearly a girl, I packed away the Big Boy’s Breakfast like there was no tomorrow. And usually, an hour or so later, I was hungry again. My parents chalked it up to growing pains. Now I know better. I wasn’t absorbing a damn thing. The hollow leg they thought I had was real.

    My dad always ordered the Silver Dollar Pancakes. Small, little, round disks of joy swimming in maple syrup. What a sweet memory – may his resting place include many Silver Dollar Pancakes. And real maple syrup:).

    I’ve been toiling, yes toiling, over gluten free, dairy free, egg free pancakes. Dairy free pancakes – they’re a cinch. You can sub in just about any alternative milk and it’ll work. But the egg part – that has been the don-your-hiking-boots-and-climb-Mt.-Vesuvius challenge. I’ve made Gluten Free Pancakes with silken tofu as a sub for the egg. I’ve made Gluten Free Teff Pancakes with banana as a sub for the egg. The results were ok, enough to post about them. But I wanted more. I want Perkins Pancake memories to flood into my frontal lobe as I eat my pancakes. I’m happy to say that my hiking boots are happy. And so is my stomach.

    I’m not a big fan of Bob’s Red Mill All Purpose Gluten Free Flour, at least not on its’ own. The flavor of the beans is just too overpowering for me. But I have a bag of it and am loathe to see it go to waste. So, it occurred to me that if I mixed it with other flours, maybe it wouldn’t be as noticable. My suspicions were correct. The small amount of BRM AP GF flour that I used in this recipe was barely detectable. And I suspect that the protein in it helped the pancakes come together.

    Oatmeal Almond Breakfast Pancakes
    gluten free, egg free, dairy free

    makes about six 5″ pancakes

    click here for printable recipe

    1 tbsp flaxmeal
    3 tbsp water
    2 tbsp agave syrup (or honey)
    1 tbsp canola oil (or grapeseed or coconut or light olive oil)
    1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
    1/4 cup + 2 tbsp soymilk (or water or other alternative milk)
    1/4 cup almond meal
    1/4 cup gluten free oats
    1/4 cup Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose Flour Mix
    1/2 tsp baking powder
    1/4 tsp sea salt

    Add flaxmeal and 3 tbsp water to blender and mix on medium speed for 30 seconds.

    Add remaining ingredients to blender jar. Blend on medium speed until combined.

    Pour about 3 tbsp onto griddle (I used a greased non-stick electric table-top griddle and turned it to 300 degrees – it’s not gospel – every griddle is different, so be mindful of that when you’re cooking the pancakes). When bubbles appear on the surface of the pancakes, flip them over. Cook for another 1 – 2 minutes. Serve with topping of choice.

    NOTE: If you’ve done any gluten free baking, you know that gluten free baked goods benefit from resting after baking. Cut into a freshly baked loaf of gluten free bread too soon after it comes out of the oven and you’ll be disappointed and think you failed. Nope. Just needs to rest for a bit. After today’s pancake adventure, I believe that the pancakes benefit from a little rest as well. Just as I finished flipping the last pancake onto my plate, my phone rang and I needed to take the call. I didn’t get to the pancakes until about 5 minutes after they finished cooking. I think that made a positive difference in their texture. Though I hadn’t put them in the oven to stay warm, you might want to give that a try. As your pancakes finish baking, throw them into a warm oven where they can sit for a bit.

    • Desi

      These look delicious, Ellen! I've been thinking for a while of trying basic oatmeal pancakes – but I love your twist with the almond meal! These are definitely on my list to make soon… :)

    • Anne WithanE

      Hi- Saw your comment on BRM GF ap flour, about the beany-ness that is. I've been using that flour mix for a while now but only in brownies and two types of cookies. I don't like how the ap flour tastes in other baked goods so I pretty much stopped baking. This isn't a horrible thing (except that I like to bake) because it means my husband and I eat less baked stuff. Can you suggest a better mix, maybe one I can make myself? I tried using Carol Fenster's mix from her cookbook but I'm underwhelmed by the results.

    • I Am Gluten Free

      Desi – thank you! I've been trying to sneak almond meal whenever I can, largely influenced by Elana Amsterdam from her blog. She bakes almost exclusively with almond flour/meal.

      Anne – If you check some of the recipes on my recipe page, you'll find that I haven't really stuck with one particular mix – I tend to blend flours. However, I am working on coming up with at least two different mixes – one with more white flours and starches and one with heartier multi-grain flours, both for different purposes. Please keep visiting my blog – I plan on posting something soon regarding my flour mix suggestions.

    • Tasty Eats At Home

      These sound great! I too was the same as a teen – 5'3" and barely 100 lbs, able to pack away a mountain of pancakes or an entire medium pizza. Makes sense why, now! Of course, I'd like to go back to somewhere in the vicinity of 100 lbs…120 would even be nice! LOL

    • Valerie (m.)

      Those look great!

      I've been making an everything-free pancake recipe that is based on one from the book "Food Allergy Survival Guide." I'm happy with it and would be happy to send you the recipe if you'd like.

      Anne WithanE — Not that you asked me, but….For a simple flour mix, I like to replace each cup of flour with 2/3 cup brown rice flour, 1/3 cup of potato starch, and 1/2 teaspoon of xanthan or guar gum.

    • gfe–gluten free easily

      These look and sound great, Ellen! We should all come to your house for a pancake supper. 😉 I'm not a fan of BRM products, but I love the Honeyville almond flour. :-)


    • Kathy

      Hi Ellen!

      Sure looks like you got the hang of
      making those pancakes without eggs.
      They look yummy.

    • Alisa

      Great job with these! I love almond-oat pancakes, but admit that I use an egg :)

    • Anne WithanE

      Thanks, Valerie, I'll give that a shot! And also almond meal, mentioned in a comment or two. :)

    • Ricki

      These sound terrific! Thanks for a new pancake recipe to try. :) And I bet I've gone to that pancake house as a kid–we have relatives in Lakewood NJ and often drove over to Tom's River!

    • Aubree Cherie

      I've never tackled a gluten free pancake. I have enjoyed seeing your recipes for them though. If I ever have a hankering for a gf pancake, I know where to find great recipes!

      ~Aubree Cherie

    • Sophie

      waw, these stack of thikker fluffy pancakes look fantastic, I say!


    • I Am Gluten Free

      Tasty Eats – isn't it just amazing, thinking back on it?

      Valerie – I would love to see your everything-free pancake recipe! Thx for offering!

      Shirley – I usually veer away from the BRM, but in this recipe, it takes a backseat, flavor-wise, and adds good protein and heft to the recipe. Otherwise, I really don't like the taste of it.

      Kathy – thanks!

      Alisa – I go back and forth, depending on who I'm making the pancakes for. I will admit, I like the texture of the pancakes better with eggs, but they are perfectly respectable without them as well.

      Ricki – just think of how many times we might've been just a few tables away from each other and not even have known it!

      Aubree – go on, give 'em a try. Let me know, ok?

      Sophie – thx!!! Glad you stopped by – I look forward to more communication with and from you! Love your blog, too!


    • Cyndi

      I was lured in by the almonds, I'm trying to use more almond flour in my recipes for my boys. These were quite tasty, I thinned them a bit to make crepe-like and filled them with strawberry preserves. I think I'll get about 3 days of complain free chores out of them. Thanks so much.

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