• Oh no, not again. Please tell me that you’re not still on that pancake kick!

    Yes, folks, it’s true. But I believe that I’ve finally reached the summit. These pancakes represent the final frontier. Kudos and thanks must go to CinnamonQuill, who put on her knee high boots and slugged through the mud to find the answer to the conundrum I’ve found myself in every Sunday morning.

    “What conundrum?” you ask. I’ve been searching high and low to find the right combination of ingredients to make gluten free, dairy free, and egg free pancakes that are just the right texture, not wet, not gummy, but dry and fluffy, like the gluten-filled pancakes I used to order while dining at Perkins Pancake House in Toms River, NJ. As a kid, we often went there on Sunday mornings. I always ordered (and I mean ALWAYS) the he-man special. You know, the platter with a mile high stack of pancakes, three eggs, homefries, bacon, and toast. And I always ate every bite on my plate. My parents thought I had a hollow leg. Little did they know, the food was going right through me. Well, at least it tasted good:).

    I came close with this recipe, and although tasty, they didn’t meet my criteria for dry and fluffy gluten free, dairy free, and egg free pancakes. I’d just about given up and went back to using eggs in my pancakes, as you can see in this recipe. These were excellent, but I was still looking for an egg free version.

    Skip this paragraph if you only want info on the recipe. If you want to know why I prefer not to use eggs in my baking, keep reading. Several commenters have asked me why I feel the need to bake without eggs. In January 2006, I went gluten free. A year later, in an effort to relieve some of the intestinal issues and phlegm (sorry, I know it’s gross) I was still experiencing, I went dairy free. I have no doubt that this was the right choice for me. I don’t think I have an allergy to dairy. But anecdotally I can tell you, if I have even a little dairy, the phlegm in the back of my throat comes right back to remind me why I shouldn’t eat dairy. It’s uncomfortable, annoying, and actually a downright nuisance, given that I make my living as a singer. By the way, initially, it had nothing to do with compassion for animals. For me, at the beginning, it was about relieving the discomfort I had when I ate dairy. Meanwhile, I started reading vegan cookbooks and vegan blogs, in order to learn how to bake and cook dairy free. I was able to substitute gluten free flours in the vegan recipes that used gluten, and their use of dairy free alternatives taught me how to bake and cook without dairy. But vegans who aren’t gluten free don’t face the lack of gluten in their baked goods. It’s a whole other story when you are baking vegan AND gluten free. It’s hard enough to bake without the protein and stretchiness that gluten provides, but when you remove eggs, it adds a whole other challenge. In any case, I started reading more about why vegans eliminated all animal products from their diets. And I began listening to podcasts made by Colleen Patrick Goudreau, who writes the Compassionate Cooks blog. Since then, I’ve moved closer and closer to following a vegan diet. I’m not 100% vegan – it’s nearly impossible to find suitable food choices when my husband and I travel (for work or pleasure), so there are times when I find myself faced with no choice but to eat chickens or cows or fishies (once you pluralize the word, the animals become beings – go ahead, say it out loud and you’ll see the difference – I eat chicken vs I eat chickens. See what I mean?) It’s VERY hard to change food choices after a lifetime of eating one way. But the more I read, the more I learn, the more I watch online videos and movies like Food Inc., the more I strive to eat a plant-based diet. And if you don’t agree that eating animals is ethically wrong, then take a look at the very strong evidence for why we should be following a plant-based diet. Please know that this blog isn’t about standing on a soapbox. I mostly want to share my recipes with you. If you’re still with me, thanks for listening. I just wanted to clear up why I’m moving towards cooking and baking gluten free and dairy free and egg free.

    This morning, I finally reached the summit. An extra special shout-out and thanks to CinnamonQuill. I emailed her yesterday, knowing that I wanted to try her Thick and Fluffy Pancake recipe this morning, but fearful that my attempts would result in the usual pancake disappointment. She answered me immediately and assured me that her results would render fluffy, dry pancakes. In fact, she thought I might find them too dry, which would really be ironic. And in fact, my husband thought they were a bit dry. So, CinnamonQuill – you were right! LOL! I think my husband’s reaction was completely in response to how wet and gummy my prior pancakes have been! He’s just not used to dry and fluffy gluten free, dairy free, and egg free pancakes!

    I made some modifications to CinnamonQuill’s recipe – the teacher in me hopes that you will use my modified recipe as a template to further customize it to your own liking.

    Perfect Gluten Free Pancakes (gluten free, dairy free, egg free)
    inspired by CinnamonQuill
    servings: nine to ten 5″ pancakes

    click here for printable recipe

    Wet Ingredients:
    1/2 cup + 2 tbsp non-dairy milk (I used vanilla hemp)
    1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar
    2 tbsp unsweetened applesauce
    2 tsp vanilla extract

    Dry Ingredients:
    1/4 cup brown rice flour
    1/4 cup millet flour
    2 tbsp tapioca starch
    2 tbsp potato starch
    2 tbsp almond meal
    1 tbsp white sugar
    1 tbsp brown sugar
    1/4 tsp + 1/8 tsp xanthan gum
    1/2 tsp baking powder
    1/4 tsp + 1/8 tsp baking soda
    smidge of sea salt

    Preheat your griddle.* Brush or spray with a light coating of oil.

    In a medium-sized mixing bowl, combine the wet ingredients. Add the dry ingredients, stirring until you have a smooth batter. It helps to let the batter rest for a few minutes before cooking the pancakes.

    Using a 1/4 cup measuring cup, pour the batter onto the hot griddle. Cook until the edges are firm and bubbles appear on the surface of the pancake. Flip and cook for another 30 – 60 seconds, until the bottom has turned golden brown.

    Use your first pancake as a test to determine exactly how many minutes your pancakes need to finish cooking.

    *I made a few of the pancakes on an electric griddle and a few of the pancakes in a cast iron pan. I much preferred the pancakes made on the electric griddle. You will need to experiment to find which of your pans works best for you.
    • bakingbarb

      While I am not vegan I am gluten free and I appreciate all the effort you put into pancakes.
      For me waffles were the thing I had to create gluten free, alas they are full of eggs though.

    • Theresa

      YUMMMMM! I'll have to make some of those! I often use pancakes as an incentive, I'll do anything for a special breakfast! haha! :)

    • Krista

      I cannot wait to try these! My son, who is a pancake addict, is on an elimination diet, no wheat, eggs or dairy for 8 weeks. I've tried out three pancake recipes so far, and two out three have…well, failed. I look forward to trying these this week!

    • Alisa

      I can't believe you conquered the gluten-free AND vegan pancake! Awesome job!

    • gfe–gluten free easily

      Jenn is a great source of delicious, beautiful recipes! (I'm excited about her new site, glutenfreefeed.com, too!) I was found to be dairy intolerant right after the gluten intolerance diagnosis, so I went off dairy and a bunch of other stuff for 6 mos and slowly reintroduced it (and them). One of my main symptoms with dairy IS the phlegm and congestion, plus joint pain (one reason that a gf/df diet is recommended for folks with RA, and even CF). I know allergists who have recommended that children give up dairy during the winter at least because of all the phlegm, congestion, etc. and illnesses that go with those (like ear infections). It's great NOT to experience those issues when eating dairy free, that's for sure. Anyway, great looking pancakes, Ellen, and thanks for sharing your story with us!


    • Naina

      I am gluten, egg, dairy, and soy intolerant. Perhaps I have celiac,
      I have not been tested. I see no reason to test, as I can't eat it whether I am positive or not.

      I have had some successes with egg replacer. However, I find it is not a perfect solution.

      I made your pancake recipe this morning. :) My adult daughter came over and she and her son enjoyed the pancakes with me.

      I was very please with these pancakes. I wonder though, do you think sorghum flour would work just as well as millet? I prefer the taste of sorghum. I didn't try it because I was having company for breakfast and wanted the pancakes to turn out perfectly.
      =) They did! Thank you!!
      My daughter, and grandson loved the pancakes. They were so pretty too!

    • Valerie (m.)

      It sounds like you are all set, but, if you are interested, I have a vegan GF pancake recipe that I like. Just let me know and I'm happy to e-mail it or post it here.

    • Tasty Eats At Home

      I love your neverending efforts put into vegan baking! While I use eggs, and can tolerate them, I often find myself gravitating towards vegan baking for the dairy-free reasons. (I do eat only free-range eggs that I buy from a farmer down the street – and those chickens are happy as can be, eating their seeds and bugs and running around.) I love hearing about your successes – these are no exception. Yum!

    • Jenn/CinnamonQuill

      Whew, I'm glad these turned out well enough for you! I was hoping they would :) Maybe you can solve the probelm of fluffy but slightly dry eggless pancakes 😉 As I said, the only redeeming factor is that the slight dryness forces you to consume more syrup :)

      Love the addition of almond meal, I bet it added some richness! Thanks for the shout-out, too. And I agree with you about cooking with less egg and dairy products. I've been dairy-free now, largely, for the past six months, and I've been using eggs less, when I can. It's also nice to be able to bake something even if I'm out of eggs (it's harder to find locally raised eggs in the winter around here, too). Anyway, I'm looking forward to your future vegan recipe adventures!

    • Ricki

      I love pancakes and these sound like a great version. . . I am excited to try them out!

    • I Am Gluten Free

      Thanks everyone for your comments!

      Bakingbarb – just a guess, but I bet if you add a couple extra tablespoons of oil, you could use the batter for pancakes. I'm going to give that a try, as I LOVE waffles.

      Naina – I think you could easily sub sorghum for the millet. Let me know!

      Valerie – I'd love your recipe! Thanks for offering.

      Jenn – while they were a tad dry, it wasn't enough to comment on in my post. It wasn't even enough to pay much attention to. I was SO excited that they weren't gummy. I thought about adding some more applesauce or oil the next time I make them, but I'm tempted to leave well enough alone. They're quite delicious just as they are, and the maple syrup helps to moisten them.

    • Anonymous

      I can hardly wait until Satuday morning–our "big breakfast" day. One question: 2 TABLESPOONS of vanilla???? Really? If so, OK!
      Thanks! Barb

    • I Am Gluten Free

      Anonymous – thanks for catching my typo! I had originally put 2 tbsp of vanilla extract – I meant to put 2 tsp. I changed it. Thanks!

    • Sarah

      These are delish! My brothers are wheat intolerent so My mom and i cook a dubble batch with mini chocolate chips and bananas and freeze them for the next mornings breakfast!!! YUMMM!!!!!

    • GF Gidget

      I bet the almond meal was the secret ingredient!

    • Indie.Tea

      Gluten free AND vegan…that alone amazes me. And on top of it, those look so delicious!

    • Simply…Gluten-free

      There's no such thing as too many pancakes. Yum!

    • Jenny

      We loved these, I used stevia instead of sugar packet, and clear jel instead of potato starch. They are huge fluffy and great!

    • Mariah

      Outstanding. Followed the recipe exactly and they turned out great.

    • Jane

      Absolutely perfect pancakes! I can not recall the last time we made pancakes that were so good! I did add vanilla(I add it to all baked goods.

    • Nicole Lavella

      Have you ever read Elizabeth Hasselbeck's book "The G-Free Diet"? She mentions that there is a potential link between gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance. I actually recently had to switch to low-fat dairy products, but I had never considered completely eliminating dairy. Do you get most of your protein from meats then?

      Your recipe sounds fantastic! I will definitely have to try it. I've been using a combination of flax oil and eggs to create mine, but they just aren't as fluffy as "real" pancakes.

    • Anonymous

      Egg substitute.
      A ground flax seed mixture can be used as a substitute for egg. It helps to bind and also adds a fluffiness to baked goods.
      1/2 cup flaxseed, 2 cups water.
      Grind flaxseed in blender on high for @ 1min. Add water and continue to blend for 2 min.
      1/4 cup mixture = 1 egg
      Can be stored in the Frig. for up to 2 days. I have also had good results adding 1/4 cup gingerale or lemon/lime beverage for each egg. Of course I use only products sweetened with cane sugar; no artificial sweetners or high-fructose corn syrup. Hope this helps.

    • network security consultants Islington

      This is a great recipe! My husband doesn't even know I am using a gluten-free recipe – and…

    • Anonymous

      My husband is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free. Even with these things out of his diet, he's still having some gastro-issues. He can have corn and oats, so I've been grinding up oats in a spice grinder and making pancakes (3 eggs, water, vanilla, baking powder, and sugar – all in whatever proportions you like best) and they are fantastic!

      It's tough to find recipes that are GF, SF AND DF. Our country's eating habits are definitely not conducive to these in tolerances. We may move to Spain :)

      Anyhow, I welcome any great recipes that are GF/SF/DF!

    • Sarah

      The words that came to mind after making and tasting these pancakes were, quite simply, "thank you." Although thank you doesn't really seem sufficient. You'd know what I mean if you'd been there when my son of 3 years old and I were at our table this morning eating our VERY FIRST set of "real" pancakes together. Real here meaning not gummy, gooey, inedible. The mmmms and the grins on our faces said it all. Between the 2 of us we have gluten intolerance, dairy and egg allergies and I can't tell you how many times I set my hopes so high for breakfast-of-old type foods only to have them dashed moments later. So again, THANK YOU! We can't wait to make them again tomorrow! :)

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    • Casey

      What if your allergic to almonds too?! Is there a substitute?

    • Love

      Thank you so much for not giving up and for posting your recipe. I try to make pancakes for my grandson every time he comes to stay with us (a lot) and its always a disaster. He is autistic and GF, DF, SF, rice free, egg free. He LOVES pancakes. He tries to eat the stuck on lumps that I have made but tonight I thought I would try again with a store bought mix to replace the wheat in a recipe. I added xanthan and stuff and it was a gummy mess. So I looked up gummy GF pancakes and your site came up and I thought I will try one more time and they are perfect! I have Atreus (grandson ) learning to say Haleluia!
      He will be having pancakes and bacon and raspberries for breakfast. I’m so happy I teared up.

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