• Please tell me you’ll try them. Appearances can be deceiving, trust me. While they might not have the immediate appeal that a bowl of salt and vinegar potato chips might, what they’re missing in eye candy is well made up for by flavor and crunch. Truth is, I am a sucker for salt and vinegar potato chips. The day that I discovered them was the beginning of the end. I have absolutely no will power at all when it comes to their crispy, salty, vinegary bite. And if you put a bag of them in front of my nose, I’d have to work really hard not to eat them. But now, good friends, I have an alternative. Let me introduce you to Kale Chips. Salt & Vinegar Roasted Kale Chips. Like their cousin, the oh so plain Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips (I’m so fickle, aren’t I?), they are crispy, salty, and vinegary. And should you want another flavor, the cool thing about them is that they are completely adaptable and can be made one hundred ways till Sunday. For awhile now, I’ve noticed Kale Chips popping up on lots of different blogs. But initially, I just couldn’t wrap my brain around the idea. I mean, come on. Kale Chips??? Well, guess what? They’ve already become a staple in my repertoire of appetizers. Not to mention daily gotta-have-something-to-nosh on snacks. I can’t shove ’em in fast enough. I’ve now made Kale Chips a variety of ways, but my most favorite Kale Chip recipe is from Carol over at Simply…gluten free. I’ve long admired Carol for her beautiful food pictures. And her winning recipes always look delicious. And when she announced that she got a book publishing deal, I clicked my heals in joy for her. If anyone deserves it, Carol does. Take a look at her Gluten Free Vegan German Chocolate Cupcakes!!! She is my hero. Keep in mind, should you decide to give these Kale Chips a whirl, that every oven is different. Carol’s recipe says to bake them 20 minutes or until crisp. My Kale Chips took 30 minutes. But I think this was partly because I didn’t spread them out enough on the pan. Next time, I’ll be more careful about that. But none-the-less, they are really a must-try.

    Gluten Free Kale Chips (Unroasted)

    Gluten Free Kale Chips (Roasted)

    What’s that? You can’t imagine eating roasted Kale Chips? Take a page out of my book and give them a try. I have a funny feeling you’ll be glad you did. This post is linked to Book of Yum’s Adopt a gluten-free Blogger: September 2010 Edition.
    • Theresa

      Oh wow!! Those look fantastic! I'm going to have to try them.

    • I Am Gluten Free

      Hi Theresa – they are! I'm munching on them as I write this to you. Give them a try and let me know how they come out!

    • Krista

      We love kale chips too! I will try a salt and vinegar combo the next time I make them.

    • Kim-Cook it Allergy Free

      Hi Ellen! I LOVE Carol, too! Not only are her pictures beautiful and her recipes delicious, but she is just as amazing in real life!!
      These Kale chips look great. I am totally looking forward to making them!
      Great adoption!!

    • Lexie

      Thanks for encouraging me to try these again. I tend to get distracted and the little buggers burn :) Burnt kale chips are pretty nasty. Super post Ellen!

    • Tasty Eats At Home

      I love kale chips! They are deceiving. But they're also the ONLY way I've seen my husband willingly eat kale. That's a winner for sure!

    • glugleglutenfree

      Hi Ellen,

      Were you in the session in which they were talking about kale chips? Made me laugh.

      Anyway, I have been wanting to try these, and I think salt and vinegar might just be the perfect flavor. I get the munchies a lot. And for some reason, even though I'm not the biggest vinegar fan, I love salt and vinegar chips. Just can't stop eating them once I start.

      It was so great meeting you this past weekend. I loved being able to chat with you.

      Tia 😛

    • Jen

      I have to try these kale chips! I've been noticing that they've been popping up everywhere. I've recently been snacking on some gluten-free cassava chips that I bought from Trader Joe's. But you inspire to make my own and some kale chips as well!

    • I Am Gluten Free

      Krista – I think you'll love them!!!!

      Kim – Hi!!!!! Let me know if you try them. They might be an acquired taste, but I love them!

      Lexie – You are welcome!

      Tia – Hi to you too!!!! It is such fun having met you and Kim and our other blogging buddies at blogher '10! I so love knowing who you are when you leave a comment! No, I wasn't in the session where they were talking about kale chips. LOL.

    • Natalie Lovins
    • Jamie

      Ok, despite my trepidation I tried them! And they were fabulous! They were crispy, tangy, salty, and I didn't feel like a bloated whale after eating too many of them (like I do after sea salt and vinegar potato chips.) Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe with us!!

    • Marsha

      I love kale and the idea of making them into chips sounds fantastic. I will have to try these soon.

    • kathy

      I made these this afternoon, and, oh my! are they great. Does a serving coun as a vegetable serving? If so, I think I could easily get a few extra servings a day. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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