• Hello. I’m back. Been awhile. Son of a you-know-what. I cracked a rib two months ago. Bending over my grandson’s crib, putting him to sleep. Five days later, xray confirmed cracked rib. Then bone density confirmed progression of osteoporosis. Friends, eat well, take your calcium, exercise like your life depends on it. It does. Now, let’s have some fun. When I was a child, my mom used to work a few afternoons as a Hebrew School teacher. I’d stand, my nose pressed up against the window, waiting for her to come home and make dinner. Finally, after what felt like forever, she’d arrive home, dragging her you-know-what (there I go, that’s the second time I’ve used that phrase) into the kitchen. And tired as she was (she was bone-weary), she’d stand at the stove and cook dinner, or supper as we used to call it (which do you call it?). I think if she could’ve used my pressure cooker, she would’ve been a happy camper. Would you like to cook Turkey Meatloaf in 12 minutes? Come on, you know you would. 12 freaking minutes. That’s all it takes in the pressure cooker. Ok, it’s not the prettiest, I’ll admit. It doesn’t slice up into nice even, neat slices. It isn’t even all that crisp, which is generally how I like my meatloaf. But it far makes up for its’ insufficiencies with taste. And you can’t beat 12 minutes. Well, yes, it takes about 5 minutes to assemble it. And it takes about 10 minutes for the pot to come to pressure. But once that happens, the meatloaf takes 12 minutes. Unreal. Lorna Sass is the queen of pressure cooking. I have two of her cookbooks. Pressure Perfect is fabulous – this recipe was adapted from her meatloaf recipe. Italian Turkey Meatloaf Cooking spray 2 large eggs 1 1/2 lbs ground turkey 1 c. chopped onions 1/2 c. finely chopped parsley 3/4 c. gluten free bread crumbs 1/2 c. ketchup, plus extra for spreading on top of meatloaf 1/2 tsp sea salt 1/2 tsp garlic powder freshly ground pepper 1 c. grated asiago cheese 1 tsp dried oregano 1 tsp dried basil 1/3 c. oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes, chopped 10 oz mushrooms, sliced Spray the bottom of a collapsible steamer basket with the cooking spray. After beating eggs in a large bowl, add remaining ingredients except for mushrooms. Mix until thoroughly blended. Transfer mixture to steamer basket, pressing into disc shape. Use your pointer finger to “drill” out a hole for the center spoke of basket. Spread some ketchup over the top of meatloaf, followed by sliced mushrooms. Pour 2 cups of water into pressure cooker. Then add steamer basket. Lock lid in place. Over high heat, bring pot to high pressure, then reduce heat enough to maintain the high pressure. Cook for 12 minutes. After turning off heat, quick release pressure by running cold water over pressure cooker lid. Remove the lid, tilting it away from you in order for steam to escape. The meatloaf is finished when a thermometer reads 170 degrees. Let it rest in the steamer basket for at least 5 minutes before serving. Now you know why I love my pressure cooker. Dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes. And in addition to the meatloaf, it includes sweet petite peas and mashed potatoes. Hot damn.
    • http://twitter.com/CityLifeEats @CityLifeEats

      Oh Ellen – so sorry to hear it – hope you are feeling better. Super impressive on the pressure cooker :)

    • Ricki

      Welcome back–and so sorry to hear about your rib! Hope it's all mended now. Crazy you could do that bending over a crib!! Now, a 12-minute supper (which is what we called it) sounds great to me. :)

    • http://glutenfreeeasily.com Shirley @ gfe

      Ellen, that looks and sounds delicious to me! I'm all about quick and easy while tasting good. I need pressure cooker lessons (true!) so I do my fast meat loaf in the microwave. I know not everyone likes to use them much though, including me. So this is a great alternative–thanks!

      Glad you're back with us and hope you can give that osteoporosis the boot in the future!


    • Diane Eblin

      This looks wonderful. It may be the first thing I cook in my pressure cooker I got in December. Have not had time to learn how to use it. It's a fancy Jamie Oliver one from GB. It would be wonderful if you did a whole pressure cooker series. I have to try this meatloaf!

    • http://intolerantchef.blogspot.com InTolerant Chef

      I so need a pressure cooker, I was thinking of getting one of the new ones that are bothe pressure cooker and slow cooker (obviously not at the same time!) I love the idea of dinner in 12minutes!

    • http://cookitallergyfree.com Kim- Cook It AF

      Hi my friend! I have missed you so! So glad to see this post from you! And, I have to admit that, like Shirley, I also need pressure cooking lessons. This recipe looks delicious. I might just have to borrow my Mother-in-laws pressure cooker and make it! 😉

    • http://www.gloryfoods.co.uk/ wheat free desserts

      Nice website! Greetings from Glory Foods.

    • Stephanie

      I don't make much from this site, too ambitious for my tast….I made this last PM, tasted great. It did not cook in 12 minutes or 17 for that matter. I was pressed for time so I cut into slices and threw it in the frying pan. Delicious. I am already planning to make it again, and will plan to cook it longer.

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    • Stephanie

      I thought this might interest you if you con't subscribe to Celiact. I think I read you had some bone loss.

    • http://gluten-unvertraeglichkeit.com/ Peter

      Thanks for the recipe! So delicous and in such a short time. Love it.

    • tastyeatsathome

      This sounds so tasty. And your photo, while your meatloaf (as you say) isn't the prettiest, the photo looks great! Good job!

    • http://twitter.com/BlueStarVermont @BlueStarVermont

      I am so happy I just discovered your blog. I am adding this recipe to my list. Don't have a pressure cooker, so I think I'll pop it in the oven,try it out & see if it motivates me to get a pressure cooker. Hope you are healing. It is amazing how our bodies give us these experiences which help us pause and maybe wake us up.

    • http://www.glutenfreediet100.com Chloe Boggs

      Whoever said that living a gluten-free life is such a pain in the neck didn't know about your blog! :) This makes me salivate!

    • http://simplygluten-free.com Gluten Free

      WOW ! this is delicious recipe.Thanks for sharing this recipe , its really nice blog……….
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