• Leroux_Chicory Going gluten free was easy compared to giving up coffee. I used to love coffee. I loved the taste and I loved the smell. Still do. So you might be wondering, why did I give it up? Years ago, I used to order coffee beans from a specialty shop in Long Island. I would freeze the beans and only grind what I needed each day. At some point in my early 40s, I noticed that I would get a headache and my heart would race when I drank coffee. It was at that point that I decided to convert to drinking decaffeinated coffee. I still ordered my wonderful coffee beans, though decaffeinated, from the same store in Long Island. This went on for years, until I realized that I was getting the same headaches and heart palpitations from the decaffeinated coffee. It was then I learned that even decaffeinated coffee has a small amount of caffeine in it, and apparently I was extremely sensitive to even that small amount of caffeine. So the next obvious step for me was to give up the coffee altogether. When I gave up decaffeinated coffee, I began to drink herbal tea. I stayed away from decaffeinated tea because again, like coffee, decaffeinated tea still has a little bit of caffeine in it. I experimented with all kinds of different herbal teas and have my favorites for sure. Good Earth makes a Sweet and Spicy tea that I love. And then. Drum roll!!! Last year, I attended Worcester Veg Fest and discovered this powdered chicory powder made by a company called Leroux, from France. The label says “Chicory is naturally rich in fibers and caffeine free. Our beverages are produced from the roots of a plant. As they undergo few transformations, the beneficial qualities of chicory are maintained.” I love it and feel like I have finally found a substitute for my once beloved coffee! The only negative turned out to be a non-issue. Once I blew through the stash I purchased at the Veg Fest, I had a hard time finding it. Most grocery stores and even stores like Whole Foods don’t carry it, at least I have not found that to be the case. My small local health food store carried it for a while. But then it disappeared from the shelves. I asked their grocery store manager about it and within two weeks, they began carrying it again and promised that they would always have it in stock. If you can’t find it locally, here is one link for finding it at amazon. Amazon also carries it in small, little tubes for traveling. You can be sure that I put it right into my shopping cart!!!
    • http://newmanimproved.blogspot.com Amanda

      I gave up coffee about a year and a half ago as it was giving me stomachaches. This sounds like a great alternative and I will have to try and find it sometime. While it was hard to give up coffee because I went through withdrawal symptoms, I’d give up coffee a million times if I was able to make my Celiac Disease disappear. :-) However, I do have an even more varied and exciting diet than I did during my gluten eating days!

    • Lennoes

      Pls tell me that it does not contain chocalate. Or any trace if caffeine. Very sensitive canmot have decaf either. Coffee and tea free for 3 yrs.

    • AJ

      Thank you so much for letting me know about this brand. I’m new to the GF lifestyle plus can’t have caffeine (super sensitive like you) plus can’t have yeast plus can’t have dairy so trying to find stuff to eat/drink is an adventure. Will be bookmarking your website for future reference.

    • Nathalie

      Thanks for the info. I have known chicory since childhood but never knew that it was gluten free. It is actually produced in my region of origin. Go figure…lol

      There is a company “Enjoy better coffee” that offers Chirory Leroux at a better price that Amazon.

      $5.49 for the 5oz box and $3.49 for the individual package box. Shipping is also cheaper. When I looked at Amazon, they wanted $15.99 for shipping.

    • Lyn

      I am already gluten free and now on the blood type diet. Type O is no coffee or tea (caffeine) so my sweet Mother in Law bought me ground chicory from Louisianan, Coffee Partner 100% ground chicory. I mixed it as stated on carton, 6 1/2 oz box with 16 oz coffee to start my no coffee process. after the first brewed pot I think I can do this, very nice flavor and reasonable.
      Walmart’s web site sells for $2.31 a 6 1/2 oz box when you buy 12. Eventually I will go to 100% chicory but for now I feel like this is really a do-able goal for me.

    • alli

      What does the chicory coffee taste like? Can you describe it? I would love to buy some but don’t want to waste my $$. Thanks!!

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