• While going gluten free made a huge difference in my  health, I knew that I wanted more. I wanted more energy, I wanted less joint pain, I wanted to look and feel healthy and vibrant.  While 80% of my hair loss had reversed, I wanted my hair to completely grow back. I wanted to do everything I could to reduce or eliminate inflammation in my body.

    Enter doTERRA’s Life Long Vitality, otherwise known as LLV. It’s doTERRA’s #1 selling product for a good reason. It works. It took the good health that I’d achieved in the 8 years of being gluten free (including my hair growing back after being diagnosed with Alopecia) and blew it out of the water. After faithfully taking my supplements for a few short weeks, I noticed a huge difference in my energy levels. And I’m already a high energy person!

    LLV (1)And while I’ve always been aware of washing my hands regularly, especially throughout our cold New England winters, I still used to catch a cold now and again. Since taking LLV, I’ve not been sick once. [Click to continue…]


    Apple Crisp

    Would you like to win a copy of Carol Fenster‘s newest cookbook called Gluten-Free 101: The Essential Beginner’s Guide to Easy Gluten-Free Cooking? Read on and learn how you can enter the contest.

    Gluten free Apple Pear Crisp for a mid-morning snack. Yup. Couldn’t help myself. It was delicious! While I usually opt for a green smoothie, the only green in my snack was from the Granny Smith apple and the Anjou Pear in the Apple Pear Crisp. Oh yeah. Oh my.

    Start to finish, this took me 15 minutes to prepare. While it baked, I took the time to finish a few tasks. My reward was sitting down to a small bowl of this deliciousness, thanks to Carol Fenster who is a pioneer in the field of Gluten Free Cooking & Baking. Her latest book is called Gluten Free 101 and is written as “the essential beginner’s guide to easy gluten free cooking”. Indeed, the recipes are all easy and call upon readily available ingredients that we either have in our pantries or refrigerators or can easily find at our local brick and mortar grocery stores. As well, some of the ingredients can be ordered online from amazon or other online sources for gluten free flours and starches. [Click to continue…]


    Gluten Free Figgy Oatmeal

    by Ellen on February 13, 2014 · 1 comment

    20140213-084849.jpgWhat does the Gluten Free Diva do on a day when the snow is falling fast and furious and the weather report promises that this will be a historic snowstorm? She gears up in her bright yellow snow shoveling jacket, heavy fleece mittens and hats, and she shovels. Probably completely unnecessary to shovel, as there will be much more snow, however it made her feel productive!

    Yes, that would be me I’m talking about. So what did I do after I finished shoveling? I came inside and I made my favorite gluten free Figgy Oatmeal Deluxe. Full of juicy golden raisins and dried figs, and lots of other health promoting goodies, I sat down to a steaming bowl of my favorite morning cereal.

    In addition to being delicious, one of the other things I like about this cereal is that it is quick and easy to make. It cooks up in about five minutes, and is an exceptionally healthy way to start the day. Full of fiber from the oats and the raisins and the figs and the walnuts, this fuels me for the morning. When I’m in super organized mode, I line up paper muffin cups and fill them with all of the dried ingredients in this recipe, and store them in a large container. Then, all I have to do is dump the contents from one cupcake liner into the pot, add milk and vanilla extract, and in five minutes, my Figgy Oatmeal Deluxe is ready to eat. [Click to continue…]

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    November 30, 2013

    Ready for a gluten free makeover?!? Wanna do it for a few days and see how your body feels? Read on…. I don’t know about you, but after a couple of rounds of Thanksgiving leftovers, I’m ready to hit the grocery store and restock my frig with kale and nothing but kale. I’m only partly kidding:). […]

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    A Great Gluten Free Breakfast: Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

    Thumbnail image for A Great Gluten Free Breakfast: Pumpkin Pie Smoothie November 7, 2013

      When I went gluten free, it was the beginning of a journey that started with gluten free, added dairy free a year later, and morphed eventually into mostly plant-based. Not 100% vegan – probably 80/20. I’m so much happier and healthier than I used to be, almost 9 years since this all started. Back […]

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    Ditch The Bloat, Gluten Free Could Be Your Ticket

    October 28, 2013

    Here’s a video I posted on youtube: I’m not sure what’s going on, maybe there’s something in the air. I’ve had so many emails from people about the need to go gluten free for various reasons, from terrible heartburn and indigestion to confirmed Alopecia (that’s what I have, though going strictly gluten free seems to […]

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