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    When I find something I like, I am passionate about it, and I share it generously with my friends and colleagues.

    doTERRA has changed my life. The difference between my medicine cabinet before and after doTERRA is totally amazing. I use oils to deal with every day health issues. Whether I want to soothe my sore muscles after overdoing it at the gym with Deep Blue (I love the roll on followed by the cream/rub), help myself breathe better after my asthma kicks in (I use Breathe), heal a cut (I use Lavender and Melaleuca), stimulate my hair regrowth (I use Rosemary) or calm down the rumblings of my stomach after I eat something that disagrees with me (I use Digestzen), I turn to my doTERRA oils.

    Please fill out the contact form below if you’d like to host an online webinar (I run the entire class, you just invite your friends to watch on your computer, and you get a lovely gift from me) or if you’re interested in my teaching an essential oils class in your home and/or corporate setting.

    If you want to visit my doTERRA Essential Oils online store, please click here. You’ll be able to purchase the oils through this link. But if you want to get them wholesale, fill out the form below.

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