• Foodies of New England

    I am the Gluten Free Diva columnist for the regional New England magazine (print and online) “Foodies of New England”. You can subscribe to the magazine and you can also see back issues below. Spring/Summer 2011 Farmers Markets Make Gluten Free Eating A Cinch! Fall 2011 Gluten Free Fall Harvest Winter 2012 Gluten Free & Healthy Comfort Foods Are Yours For The Asking Spring/Summer 2012 Summertime Favorites Fall 2012 Gluten Free Fall Classics Winter 2013 Mid-Winter Comfort Foods Spring/Summer 2013 Gluten Free & Dairy Free Summer Treats Fall 2013 Chocolate: A never ending love affair Winter 2014 Gluten Free Artisan Bread, At Last Spring/Summer 2014 Ethnic Greatness