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    Are you ready to stop feeling bloated and exhausted?

    Want to discover how you can easily live by the credo “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”?

    Ready to learn how to use essential oils to reduce your inflammation?

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    Hello! Welcome to my virtual home. Delighted that you came to visit!

    I wear a few hats. I’m a mama and a nana, a musician who plays 8 instruments, I love yoga and cooking like nobody’s business and I’m completely hooked on green smoothies and green juices. And real food. The kind that you can pronounce.

    I am a health and nutrition coach. I am passionate about helping you transition to a way of eating that will help you fall in love with the food that loves you back. It’s not a diet you go on and then go off. It’s a way of life that you are going to love and want to stay on forever. We won’t focus on calories, carbs, fats, proteins etc. Instead of telling you what you can’t eat, I will help you figure out what you can eat to keep you happy, healthy and nurtured. There will be no deprivation, only yummy, delicious foods.

    There is no one diet that works for every single person. Let’s discover food and lifestyle choices that will best support you so that you can make gradual, lifelong changes that will allow you to reach and maintain your health goals.

    What kind of food will you fall in love with? 

    Clean food. Whole and real and unprocessed food. Anti-inflammatory food. Greens and gluten free grains and organic fruits and vegetables. Food that’s fun to cook and delicious to eat.

    Will this help any other conditions I have like arthritis and thyroid disease, for example? 

    Absolutely. The short answer (though it deserves much more attention) is that the way most Americans eat is slowly killing us. The processed and highly acidic and inflammatory (gluten, meat, sugar, alcohol for example) foods we eat causes a laundry list of conditions and diseases that include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, just to name a few. Eating a “clean” diet can help reduce and in some cases eliminate these conditions and diseases.

    How will I learn to live like this forever?

    It’s easy. So easy. To be gluten free. And to eat real, whole, unprocessed foods that really nourish you, that will make you feel like a million bucks.  50% of it is your commitment. Once you decide to do it, the rest is just details. And that’s where I come in. You bring me the desire, and I’ll give you the roadmap.

    Can I still eat meat?

    Yes. I think it’s important for me to help you work with your dietary needs and desires. As long as we focus on getting healthy, I’m ok with it.

    What about the rest of my family? My spouse? My partner? My children? What if they resist? Am I in this alone?

    That is probably one of the most challenging aspects of making changes. First, you have to decide you want to make the commitment. Then, we work on getting the rest of your family on board. And if they resist, you can still move forward and make the changes that will benefit your health. And who knows, maybe modeling for them will help convince them to join you at some point. But first, you have to be the one to make the changes.

    And if I fall off the wagon?

    Well, if you’re dealing with autoimmune issues that involve eliminating gluten, you’re not going to want to fall off the wagon. Mostly because you’re going to feel so much better that you won’t want to eat gluten again. As for dealing with a craving for Oreos or a large pizza with the works on it, well, that happens. We’ll do everything we can, together, to help you find gluten free foods that you love and that will satisfy you enough to help get rid of the old cravings for the food that made you feel crummy in the first place.

    I understand you.

    I’ve been there. For as long as I can remember, I experienced bloat after every meal. EVERY MEAL! Only thing is, I had no idea that this wasn’t normal. I thought everyone felt bloated after they ate. It didn’t even occur to me to ask for help.

    And there was the psoriasis I had from a very young age.

    And then, at the age of 50, six months after being diagnosed with Alopecia (an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss), I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. The moment I eliminated gluten, followed by dairy, from my diet, the bloat disappeared. And my hair began to regrow.

    But there’s more to my story.

    I experienced a lifetime of pity parties. Of self-loathing, blame, guilt, beating myself up mercilessly because I had convinced myself that I was a disgusting pig. I believed that I overate all the time and that the bloat was a result of my overeating and lack of control. I convinced myself that nobody would like me unless I got it “right”. Here was the cycle: every day, I ate bagels, wheat bread, pasta, cookies – you name it, if it contained gluten, I ate it! And every single day, I was bloated beyond belief. I convinced myself that the bloat was a result of my overeating which led to believing that I never got it right and thus I was a failure. My self-esteem was in a constant state of nose-dive AND I had an unending, obsessive need to do everything perfectly. Little did I know back then that it was the gluten putting me in a constant state of massive bloat. I never, ever talked to anyone about this. I also never even imagined that something beyond my choices could be contributing to this bloat. Instead, I beat myself up for being a gluttonous pig and punished myself by then eating massive amounts (half a package of Oreos, for example) of all the things that actually only made the bloat worse. This went on day after day, for years. Oh, and then there was endless binge dieting. It was a never-ending cycle that didn’t end until I was diagnosed with Celiac. You know how I banished the bloat? I banished gluten from my life.

    Does this sound familiar? Have you ever felt this way? 

    • Do you ever wake up in the morning still feeling full from last nights’ dinner?
    • Do you feel exhausted after you eat? And bloated beyond belief?
    • Do you wonder if you should buy stock in Tums antacids?
    • Do you wish you could eat a meal without having to unzip your jeans?
    • Do you wish you could talk to someone who understood your situation?

    If you said yes to any of these questions, rest-assured, you’re not alone. You’ve come to the right place.

    I want to help you. I want to show you how you can live without the bloat, without the distended stomach, without the exhaustion, without thinking you’re out of control. I am ready to help you. Please note that breakthrough sessions are based on current availability. All information is kept strictly confidential.

    “Before working with Ellen, I felt overwhelmed with my life. My energy level was low and my weight was on the rise. I knew that I needed to make changes in my life but didn’t know where or how to start. After 5 months, I have been able to make healthier choices in my diet. I have been able to explore the patterns which have kept me captive in a vicious circle of self-defeating behaviors. With her gentle coaching, I have been able to break my life into manageable portions which has enabled and empowered me to make lasting changes which will dramatically improve my overall quality of life. I am nbow sleeping better, exercising more and feel a greatly reduced level of stress in my life. When I look back at the moment I made the decision to do this for myself, I feel as if I finally invested in my future health and well being. I highly recommend this program if you’ve struggled with weight, positive self image, a baseline reduction in energy and the restoration of a sense of beauty and order in your life.”  Katyah Gohr

    My areas of expertise include:

    • Nutrition and Dietary Theories
    • Lifestyle Management
    • Systems, Support & Accountability
    • Partnering with you to help you create a healthy gluten free life which may include focusing on relationships, career, spirituality and fitness

    My education and professional training includes:

    • Transformational Health Coach Certification, 2013
    • Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NY, Health Counseling, 2012
    • American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certification, 2012
    • Master of Arts in Education, Arcadia University, 1982
    • Bachelor of Arts in Music Education & Performance, Boston University, 1976

    Are you ready to stop feeling bloated and exhausted? Click HERE to register for a 30 minute free “Go Gluten Free Strategy Session”.