• 90 Days To Falling Madly In Love With Gluten Free

    Private Health Coaching: In this 90 Day deep dive intensive (6 sessions PLUS 1 BONUS session), I will coach you, one on one, through my “Fall Madly In Love With Gluten Free” experience. We will begin by discussing the gluten free life you dream of creating. We will then have a blueprint that will allow us to design a simple and clear action plan so that your intentions can be set into motion. You will receive specific, customized tips and ninja skilled coaching at each session, unlimited email support between sessions (Monday through Thursday) and my complete 100% commitment to your health and gluten free success.

    *My coaching schedule allows for a limited number of 90 Days To Falling Madly In Love With Gluten Free clients in any given month. If my schedule is full, you will be added to a waiting list.

    This program is right for you if:

    • You are ready to live your best gluten free life
    • You want to learn how to navigate all of the potential roadblocks to living gluten free
    • You are ready to say goodbye to the stress of figuring out how to do gluten free successfully
    • You are motivated to learn how to bake and cook not just decent, but delicious gluten free food
    • You want to create a healthy gluten free life for yourself (and your family)
    • You want to fall in love with gluten free and are ready to implement systems to make it happen
    • You know that the missing piece for you has been accountability. You welcome an opportunity to work with someone who will be that partner for you
    • You’re committed to dedicating 90 days to your transformation

    As a client of my “90 Days To Falling Madly In Love With Gluten Free” experience, you will:

    • Learn how to maintain a safe and delicious Gluten Free pantry
    • Figure out the skinny on reading food labels
    • Create a library of your favorite Gluten Free recipes with information on where to find them, the best cookbook and online recipe resources, how to make safe substitutions in non-Gluten Free recipes and how to convert previous family recipes into Gluten Free recipes
    • Learn how to travel Gluten Free including airplane travel and hotel stays
    • Devise a strategy for dealing with family, friends and social situations so that your choices are supported instead of sabotaged
    • Learn the Gluten Free Diva’s Ultimate meal planning strategies guaranteed to save you time and money
    • Feel confident going into all “food” situations that you’ll be able to navigate and avoid any gluten traps

    Your program includes:

    • Six 50 minute private coaching phone sessions via phone to take place over 90 days
    • One additional 30 minute Bonus session at the conclusion of your 90 day program to determine next best steps
    • The Gluten Free Diva’s Guide to Gluten Free e-book
    • Pantry Sweep Guide to help you create and maintain a safe gluten free pantry
    • Sample menus with quick, delicious and nourishing meals for two weeks
    • Unlimited email support between sessions (Monday – Thursday)
    • Two 10 minute emergency phone calls to my private cell phone each month
    • My personal commitment to your gluten free health and success
    • BONUS: One 3 hour private gluten free cooking or baking class held either in the Gluten Free Diva’s beautiful remodeled kitchen or via Skype

    Click HERE to register for this program. After the first session, if you are not completely satisfied with the program, you will be given a full refund less a $30 administrative fee.